Radical Space Round-up

Here’s some new radical spaces that have contacted us plus a few updates to the 2014 Slingshot Organizer.

The Tannex – Albuquerque, NM

They host events, a zine library and art. 1415 4th St SW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

The Cusp – Olympia, WA

An anarchist/anti–authoritarian social center with zines, books, free food and events. Off 4th on Franklin between Old School Pizzeria and Dumpster Values in downtown Olympia, thecusp@riseup.net, thecuspolympia.tumblr

The Birdhouse – Knoxville, TN

A community space for events with a workshop, library, art gallery and garden. 800 N 4th Ave. Knoxville, TN 37917 birdhouseknoxville.com

Word Up Community Bookshop / Librería Comunitaria — NYC, NY

A volunteer–run, multilingual, bookshop and arts space. 2113 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY 10032 347–688–4456 info@wordupbooks.com

Little Grill Collective – Harrisonburg, VA

A worker owned restaurant with vegan options. 621 N. Main St. Harrisonburg, VA 22802 540–434–3594

Goathead Record Collective – Albuquerque, NM

Independent, radical folk and punk record collective. 310 Stanford Dr. SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106 Firefang@comcast.net

Downstream project and Spring Village ecology center – Harrisonburg, VA

A community house in the lineage of Catholic Worker houses with an urban garden. They grow food for local schools and food deserts and experiment with fossil fuel–free living. 715 N. Main St. Harrisonburg, VA 22802 540–434–4745. Everyday Bikes provides a community bike shed at the same location: 540 432–3696

Rrenew Collective — Appalachia, VA

A house that hosts interns focused on local struggles and sustainability. Call or email for info 276–565–2073 Rrenew.Collective@ gmail.com (note: they spell it Rrenew – 2 r’s)

Flaming Eggplant — Olympia, WA

A student–worker run cafe on the Evergreen State College campus with a zine library and free store in the back. They serve vegan/ethical food. Third floor of the CAB building — 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW Olympia, Washington 98505 blogs.evergreen.edu/theflamingeggplant

Rojinegro Distribuidora Libertaria — Bogota, Colombia

Local Family DIY silk screening business and place to get revolutionary music (punk, metal, hip–hop, etc) as well as publications, and local concert info. cra. 19 # 43–25 Bogota, Colombia Tel. 245 3623 distribuidorarojinegro.blogspot.com

Librería Valija de Fuego — Bogota, Colombia

Anarchist and related subject bookstore. Calle 45 No 20–45 Bogota, Colombia Tel: 338 2065 — 312 3971982 librerialavalijadefuego. blogspot.com

Café Teatro Kussi–huayra — Santander, Colombia

Cafe, theatre, cultural space. Carrera 9 No. 9–15, Piedecuesta, Santander, Colombia Tel: 316 5854445 escuelamariogonzalez.blogspot.com

La Redada – Bogota, Colombia

Miscellaneous cultural space that is a network of local cultural, political action and artistic collectives. Calle 17 No. 2–51, Bogota D.C., Colombia, laredada.org

Centro Social y Cultural Libertario – Medellin, Colombia

Anarcko–info shop type space. Calle 46 Maturin No. 40–8 Medellin / Planeta tierra Tel: 239 40 69 centrosocialyculturallibertario .wordpress

Red Juvenil — Medellin, Colombia

Medellin´s youth network organization for arts against capitalism, militarization & patriarchy. Calle 47 # 40–53, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia, Tel: (4) 2393670 redjuvenil.org

Colectivo Jaguos por el Territorio – Huila, Colombia

A horizontally–organized youth collective based in small rural village that focuses on ecological/territorial defense, permaculture, recuperation of memory and identity and libertarian movements & organization. Centro Poblado La Jagua, Garzan, Huila, Colombia, descolonizandolajagua.wordpress

Errors in issue #114 of Slingshot

• Last issue we incorrectly stated that the Candlelight Collective in West Bend, WI no longer existed — and that West Bend WI, itself, did not exist. In fact, West Bend and Candlelight exist. The address published in the 2014 organizer is correct. The error we were trying to correct was that the Candlelight Collective address is also listed under Indiana. That listing is wrong – Candlelight is in Wisconsin, not Indiana. There is a West Bend in both Indiana and Wisconsin. Sorry for the error.

• Issue #114 said we mistaken left out the Meg Perry Center in Portland, ME, but it turns out they are not operating right now so our omission was not an error.

• The address we published for the Green Bike Coop in Waldport, OR doesn’t work for sending snail mail but is the physical address.

• In issue #114, we listed the People’s Art Collective in New Haven, CT as a new space, but it has already folded as of November.

Corrections to the 2014 Slingshot Organizer

We forgot to include the Black Coffee Coop in Seattle, WA. They are at 501 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122 blackcoffeecoop.com.

The GNU Gallery in Ft. Collins, CO lost their space.

The LUNk Collective House in Lincoln, NE changed their name and location. They are now the Common Root Mutual Aid Center at 3333 Cleveland Ave, Suite 1, Lincoln, NE 68504, commonroot.net.

We didn’t list the Pangea House in Minot, North Dakota because we weren’t sure of their address. They moved and are now at 110 1st St. SE Ste. C Minot, ND 58701

The Dream City Collective in Washington DC is no longer active.

In the spiral organizer, the section for Brazil under “Latin America” says Argentina, not Brazil.

We got an email telling us that we should not include the BRYCC House in Louisville, KY because of problems with the project. We also got an envelope we mailed there returned. . .

The same email told us that we should not list the Social Justice Center in Madison, WI. It is hard for us to fact–check the allegations in the email so folks can investigate these projects for themselves.

We published the wrong zip code for Red Emma’s in Baltimore – it should be 21201.

It seems like the Bike City Recyclery in Fayetteville, AR closed – we got mail returned from them and their webpage is inactive.

The address for Denk–mal in Bern Switzerland has has changed. They are now located in a larger space at Lagerweg 12, 3013 Bern Switzerland.

Welcome: Here are Some New Radical Spaces + Corrections to the 2014 Organizer

I just celebrated 20 years of staffing Sunday nights at the Long Haul infoshop in Berkeley, which started in August, 1993. Over the years, it has been amazing to be part of this project as well as to watch radical spaces and infoshops sprout all over the world. Opening and operating infoshops is exciting because they bring people together around the struggle for liberation and social change. They provide space for us to meet and have workshops, films, speakers and parties. Even more important, they are a public place where people wanting to join the radical scene can plug in so we can get beyond being just a clique of friends. At their best, radical spaces help build and sustain the social and political relationships that are essential as we build alternatives to the rotten capitalist monster.

Here are some changes to the radical contact list that will appear in the 2014 Slingshot Organizer. As soon as we took it to the printing press, we got word of new spaces we hadn’t included, and/or found out about errors. For more updates, check the on-line contact list at slingshot.tao.ca.

People’s Art Collective — New Haven, CT

A radical space with a studio for artists plus free books, clothes and art supplies. They “combine performative, collaborative, interactive, participatory, and site-specific art-making with crowd-sourced, grass roots community organizing to offer solutions to problems in our community. Our solutions are arts-based reimaginings of and disruptions to modes of living which, at individual or structural levels, are alienating, oppressive and/or unsustainable.” Open 5-8 Mon, Tue, Thu, 6-10 Wed and 3-6 Fri. 
212 College St. 
New Haven, CT 06511

Center Street Free Space — Milwaukee, WI

A new anti-authoritarian/anarchist social center that hosts meetings, events and shows. 703 Center Street, Milwaukee, WI 53212 centerstreetfreespace.noblogs.org

People’s Books Cooperative — Milwaukee, WI

A cooperative bookstore that hosts events. 804 E. Center St.
Milwaukee, WI, 53212 414-962-0575 www.peoplesbookscoop.org

Green Bike Coop — Waldport, OR

A cute little bike coop that provides free bikes painted green around the tiny Oregon coast village. They also have a workshop for fixing your bike and run classes. Operated by a local literacy and social service non-profit. Waldport is midway between Florence and Newport. 115 U.S. 101 Waldport, OR 97394‎ 541-563-7328‬ www.seashorefamily.org

Land of Plenty — Akron, OH

An art gallery and metaphysical store with connections to local radical activities. 339 W. Market St. Akron, OH 44303 330-703-5633 landofplentyakron.com

UCSD Student Food Co-op — La Jolla, CA

A 35-year old non-hierarchical, student-run, anti-authoritarian food co-op on the University of California San Diego campus. The address is the same as Che Cafe and Groundwork Books. 9500 Gilman Dr. #0323 La Jolla, CA 92093 858-546-8339

Banc Expropiat de Gràcia — Barcelona, Spain

A multi-use, non-sectarian anti-authoritarian space with a free store, space to read/ hangout, radical literature, meetings & classes. Travessere de Gràcia 181, Barcelona, Catalunya, Espanya (Catalan spelling: Spain) bancexpropiatgracia.wordpress.com elbanc@riseup.net

Utopia — La Esperanza, Honduras

Center of meetings and friendship. They host classes, meetings and events and have bunk beds to host visitors. From exit sign to siguatepeque, follow dirt road east 1.5km. Its on the left with a radio tower. copinh.org

Rojinegro Distribuidora Libertaria — Bogotá, Colombia

cra. 19 # 43-25 Bogotá, Colombia Tel. 245 3623 distribuidorarojinegro.blogspot.com

Librería Valija de Fuego — Bogotá, Colombia

Calle 45 No 20-45 Bogotá, Colombia Tel: 338 2065 – 312 3971982 librerialavalijadefuego.blogspot.com/

Café Teatro Kussi-huayra — Santander, Colombia

Carrera 9 No. 9-15, Piedecuesta, Santander, Colombia Tel: 316 5854445 escuelamariogonzalez.blogspot.com

La Redada: Miscelánea cultural y red de colectivos de acción cultural, política y artística — Bogotá, Colombia

Calle 17 No. 2-51, Bogotá D.C., Colombia, www.laredada.org

Centro Social y Cultural Libertario — Medellín, Colombia

Calle 46 Maturin No. 40-8 Medellín / Planeta tierra Tel: 239 40 69 centrosocialyculturallibertario.wordpress

Red Juvenil – Medellin — Medellín, Colombia

Calle 47 # 40-53, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia, Tel: (4) 2393670 www.redjuvenil.org

Colectivo Jaguos por el Territorio — Huila, Colombia

Centro Poblado La Jagua, Garzón, Huila, Colombia, descolonizandolajagua.wordpress

Corrections to the 2014 Organizer

-The address we published for Bellingham Alternative Library is wrong. The new address is 1421 Railroad Ave., Bellingham, WA 98225, although we’re not sure that is right since the postal service doesn’t seem to recognize the address.

-Because they were going through an organizational transition at press time, we mistakenly failed to publish the Meg Perry Center at 644 Congress St. Portland, ME 04102- 207-772-0680.

-We got a report that the Candlelight in West Bend, Indiana no longer exists. Also, it was listed under Wisconsin as well as Indiana – please cross it out in Wisconsin. There is no West Bend, WI that we are aware of.

-Pangea House may no longer be at 109 Central Ave. W. Minot, ND 58703. We’re not sure if they moved or if they ceased to exist.

-Oy – Either the GLBT Resource Center in South Bend, Indiana no longer exists, or they moved, or the post office just returned the letter we tried to send them for fun.

-Oops – we didn’t print the address for Durham Bike coop, 715 Washington St. Durham, NC 27701,‎ 919-675-2453.

-We mistakenly listed the Cream City Collective in Milwaukee. They no longer exist.

-The addresss we published for Lost Generation in Malaysia has changed. They are now at 8c, Jalan Panggung, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, lostgenerationspace. blogspot.com

-Centro de Cultura Libertaria in Bogota, Colombia no longer exists

Radical Spaces: Hark! Change is afoot

Here’s a few radical spaces we’ve heard about since we published the 2013 Slingshot Organizer, as well as news about a bunch of spaces that have closed. Many radical collectives create spaces to host meetings, events and resources like tools, seed libraries and free stores. Like the occupations a couple of years ago that allowed isolated individuals to meet each other, these spaces provide a public place to create and expand community. This is important because without public places to connect with new people, a lot of radical scenes get very clique-like. Drop in and visit the space near you, or start your own. Check on-line for the latest updates: slingshot.tao.ca

The Artichoke – Springfield MO

An infoshop with a lending library, free store and skillshare space. 800 W Locust, Springfield, MO 65803, the-artichoke.weebly.com

SoapBox Books & Zines – Cincinnati, OH

A new infoshop with a library, book and zine shop, and space for meetings and events. Shares space with a bike coop and a gardening project. 1415 Knowlton St. Cincinnati, OH 45223 513-541-0252 soapboxbooks.org

Third Space – Toledo, OH

A radical community center with free coffee, a library and a record store that hosts shows and events. 137 N. Michigan St Toledo, OH 43604

Survival Center – Eugene, OR

An infoshop and community space located on the U of O campus but available to non-students and students alike. Suite 1, Erb Memorial Union, Eugene, OR 97403, 541-346-4356, survival@uoregon.edu

Rad-ish Collective – Boulder, CO

A housing collective with a community space/ zine library that hosts Food Not Bombs radical movie nights, meetings, and dance parties. They also have a slide out the 2nd story window. 710 31st St. Boulder, CO 80303. theradishcollective@googlegroups.com

Black Rabbit Hole – Helsinki, Finland

Infoshop and anarchist space – the name is Mustan Kanin Kolo in Finnish. They have a used bookshop as well as magazines, music and video, plus a meeting space. Hämeentie 28, Helsinki, FIN 00530. Ph 040-300-1909 www.mustankaninkolo.info, mustankaninkolo@gmail.com

Infocaf̩ Sal̩ РPrague, Czech Republic

An infoshop with a radical library that hosts workshops, films, meetings and meals. They are named after the Salé pirate colony in Morocco that served as a independent base for subversive activities. All food is vegan. Open Mon-Thurs 4-10. Address: Orebitská 194/14 PRAHA 3, sale.s.cz

Squat Cibulka – Prague, Czech Republic

An autonomous zone in Prague. Their website is in Czech (which I don’t read) but it seems like they host lots of radicals events. Address: U Cibulki, Praha Košíre, cibulka.squat.net

Black Rose Collective – Newtown, Australia

This 25 year-old collective had closed, but now they’ve re-opened. They are an infoshop with books, coffee, internet and they host events and shows. 22 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW Australia 0452-481-696 blackrosebooks.org

Changes to the 2013 Organizer

• Left Hand Books in Boulder, CO closed its doors after 33 years.

• Toronto Women’s Books in Canada closed.

• The Earth House in Indianapolis, IN closed.

• Libertalia Autonomous Space in Providence, RI has closed.

• Unitea House in Durango, CO closed.

• Firehouse 51 in Modesto, CA closed.

• The 3rd Avenue Collective in Prince George, BC, Canada lost their space.

• Revolver Infoshop in Prague, Czech Republic doesn’t exist anymore.

• DisCentrum in Prague, Czech Republic got evicted.

• The Bicycle Kitchen in Los Angeles moved to a larger location: 4429 Fountain Ave. LA, CA 90029.

• The Sibley Bike Depot in St. Paul, MN has changed their name to Cycles for Change. The address is the same.

• The Bloom Collective in Grand Rapids, MI has moved. Their new address is 8 Jefferson SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

• The mailing address for the Durham Bike Coop is PO Box 1225 Durham, NC 27702

• We got envelopes back from the following places. We don’t know if they move or ceased to exist, so let us know if you know:

– Cream City, Milwaukee, WI

– Candlelight Collective, West Bend, WI

– EarthDiver Book Collective, Oshkosh, WI

– Casa Taller Aziz, Brownsville, TX

– Durham Bike Coop, Durham, NC

– Earth House Collective, Indianapolis, IN

– Rag and Bones Bike Coop, Richmond, VA

• Camas Infoshop in Victoria, BC Canada has moved. Their new address is 2620 Quadra St., Victoria, BC, V8T 4E4.

• An anonymous person emailed us to object to Centro Social CCC in San Juan, Puerto Rico being in the radical contact list and claiming that they are not radical. Our collective is in Berkeley so normally we can’t visit spaces on our list. When someone nominates a space, we do our best to look at materials they publish and if they look stimulating, we put them on the list. We know not everyone will agree with each listing. Generally, we think a bigger looser tent is better than a smaller stricter one, but who knows? We welcome your comments either way.

Growing The New World In Our Hearts: Radical Spaces Around the Globe

Here are some new radical spaces that we’ve heard about since we published the 2013 Slingshot Organizer plus some corrections to the organizer. Each in their own way and with their own style is an experiment. These are spaces for building physical expressions of a world where human beings, love, creativity, solidarity and the environment matter. These counter-institutions allow us to practice cooperating with others to create community — not just the carbon-copy retail wallpaper always blindly scraping for another buck.

Building something we control that operates outside capitalist limitations can be tough and many of these projects are small and struggling. They need your support. These experiments are crucial because they go beyond just talking about a new world or hoping for a new world. We demand meaningful and pleasurable lives now, not someday in the future. As the radical cafe in Istanbul, Turkey listed below puts it: “We are growing the new world in our hearts, here and now, through sharing and solidarity.”

Check the radical contact list on Slingshot’s website for the most updated list of radical contacts around the globe, and please let us know if you know of spaces not on the list or see errors we should fix: slingshot.tao.ca.

Glenwood Coffee & Books – Greensboro, NC

A worker co-op that hosts events and organizing efforts. They feature zines and locally published hand-bound books. 1310 Glenwood Avenue Greensboro NC, 27403 336-525-1646 glenwoodcoffeeandbooks.com

Nowe Miastor – New Orleans, LA

A collectively run community space with an art/performance space, a library and meeting space in a converted warehouse that hosts events. Above the space is an affordable housing coop. 223 Jane Place, New Orleans, LA 70119 
(Mail: PO Box 53011, NOLA 70153
) (504) 451-3693 nowemiastornola.org

Black Coffee Co-op – Seattle, WA

A worker’s co-op café with a library and infoshop that hosts community events. Open 7 days a week. 501 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122

Interference Archive – Brooklyn, NY

An archive and gallery that explores the relationship between cultural production and social movements with objects that are created by social movements: posters, publications, t-shirts, buttons, photographs, audio and video. They have a study center and host talks, screenings and workshops. Open Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 131 8th St. #4, Brooklyn, NY 11215 interferencearchive.org

Bread Uprising Bakery – Durham, NC

A bakery co-op that features sliding scale pricing for organic and vegan items. 816 Yancey Street
 Durham, NC 27701 breaduprising.wordpress.com

Stone Soup Community Center – Worcester, MA

A center that houses artists, activists, non-profits, co-ops and grassroots organizations. They are re-opening after a fire. 4 King St. Worcester MA 01610

CRIC House ‘n’ Homestead – Sebastopol, CA

A rural permaculture project. CRIC stands for Cultural Rehabilitation Internship Center. No drop-ins please – contact them first if you want to visit. 13024 Green Valley Rd. Sebastopol, CA 95472 (707) 829-3551 crichouse.blogspot.com

Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) – New York, NY

A museum of squatted buildings and community gardens located in what used to be C Squat. 155 Avenue C New York, NY 10009 (973) 818-8495 www.morusnyc.org

Willamantic Food Coop – Willamantic, CT

A food co-op. 91 Valley St. Willimantic, CT 06226
 (860) 456-3611 willimanticfood.coop

Durham Bike Co-op – Durham, NC

An all-volunteer community bike shop with tools where you can learn to fix bikes. 715 Washington St. ‪Durham, NC 27701‬ (919) 675-2453 durhambikecoop.org

The Bikery – Seattle, WA

An all-volunteer community bike project with tools and resources help people fix their own bikes. 1265 South Main St. Seattle, WA 98144 (206) 568-3535

Plan B Bikes – New Orleans, LA

A do-it-yourself bike shop with tools and parts. 1024 Elysian Fields New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 272-PBNO (7266) bikeproject.org

Living Energy Farm – Louisa, VA

An experimental farm project that aims to be self-sufficient without using any fossil fuels. Residents also practice income sharing. 1022 Bibbs Store Rd., Louisa VA 23093 www.livingenergyfarm.org

Tahoe Cooperative Community Center – South Lake Tahoe, CA.

A 900 sq. ft space that shares with the Tahoe Wellness Center and holds events, dance & art classes, yoga, tarot readings, meditation with plans for a Free School. 3445 Lake Tahoe Blvd. S. Lake Tahoe 96150 (530) 544-8000

Acorn Community – Mineral, VA

An income-sharing sustainable egalitarian community. 12159 Indian Creek Rd. Mineral, VA 23117 (540) 894-0595 acorncommunity.org

Pizza Carrello – Gillette, Wyoming

A mobile wood-fired pizza truck that acts as a gathering spot for alternative community in a very rural, isolated area. Check for each day’s location:

(307)363-1743 www.pizzacarrello.com

Hydra Bookshop – Bristol, UK

A cooperative operated radical community bookshop, coffee shop and meeting/event space that grew out of Bristol Radical History Group. 34 Old Market,
 0117 3297401 www.hydrabooks.org

Bokkaf̩ Vulgo РGothenburg, Sweden

A queer, vegan, anarchist bookshop and cafe that hosts meetings and events. Nordhemsgatan 49, Gothenburg. +46(0)31-364 64 54

26A Collective – Istanbul, Turkey

An anarchist collective that operates a cafe and a bookstore at two locations and hosts meetings, events. Their website is translated into Farsi, Russian, Greek, Georgian, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Porteguese and contains an inspiring manifesto. Tel Sokak No: 26 / A Beyoglu / Istanbul 
(0212) 243 60 85 www.kolektif26a.org

Errors in the 2013 Slingshot organizer

• The Bellingham Alternative has a new address and website: 306 Flora St., Bellingham, WA 98225 altlib.org

• Harmony House in Lincoln, NE doesn’t exist anymore.

• We published the address for the Hugo House in Seattle, WA – the project we meant to feature is/was the Zine Archive Publishing Project which Hugo has frustrated / attempted to take over. Go and check it out for yourself.

• We forgot to list The Birdhouse at 800 N 4th, Knoxville, Tennessee 37917. Sorry.

• Biblioteca Popular de Barrio in Chicago, IL has shut down.

• We got mail returned from the Front Stoop in Lincoln, NE. Not sure if they’re gone or ?

• The Sporeprint Infoshop has moved. Their new address is 979 E. 5th Ave., Columbus, OH 43201. www.sporeprint.info They are now located at a building owned by the Third Hand Bike Coop. www.thirdhand.org

• We got mail returned from Sister’s Camelot – it seems like their new address may be 2647 37th Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406.

• Blast-o-Mat in Denver, CO morphed into two new venues, neither of which is called “Blast-O-Mat”. The original location at 2935 W. 7th Ave. is now called the Seventh Circle Music Collective. There is also a new venue called Aqualung’s Community Music Space at 4315 Delaware St.

• Hammer Time! in Fort Collins, CO has closed the 1000 E. Laurel St. location and moved their infoshop to GNU Gallery at 109 Linden St. and is changing names but we don’t have new contact info yet.

• Rag and Bones Bike co-op moved to a larger location:

3110 W. Leigh St. Richmond VA 23230. (804) 386-5692 ragandbonesrva.wordpress.com

• SPATT in Gothenburg, Sweden no longer exists.

infoshop update: changes to the 2013 Organizer

Social networking can’t just happen on-line — people everywhere yearn to create face-to-face communities in the real world. Against all odds, thousands of people scattered hither and yon are creating community spaces, DIY bike shops, and bookstores to host shows, discussions, meetings, and the personal interactions that keep us human. Here are some radical spaces we heard about too late to include in the 2013 Slingshot organizer, plus some corrections. Check them out. Let us know if you start one. We periodically post updates on our website slingshot.tao.ca.
Centro Social CCC – San Juan, Puerto Rico
A social center with a library and zines that hosts events. 1657 Ave. Fernández Juncos, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909 infoshopsanturce.wordpress.com
Owl Farm – Nashville, TN
A new show and meeting space with a music, book and zine shop. 811 Dickerson Pike Unit I, Nashville, TN 37207
Hazardous Materials Zine Shop – Richmond, VA
A zine shop with books, posters, patches and a writing workspace that hosts workshops on zine making and writing. Open Thur – Mon 1-6 pm. 1806 Currie St. Richmond, VA 23220 hazardousmaterialsrva.wordpress.com
The Seed – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
A worker-owned vegetarian cafe and community space. 52 N. Queen Street Lancaster, PA 17603 theseedlancaster.com theseedlancaster@gmail.com 717-945-5787
Shades of Afrika – Long Beach, CA
An Afrikan-centered book & art store and cultural center that hosts events and 
study groups. 1001 East 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802 562-436-2210 www.shadesofafrika.com
Portland Button Works – PDX, OR
A zine and button shop and mail order where you can make your own buttons. 1322 N Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217 503-922-2684 portlandbuttonworks.com
Noisebridge – San Francisco, CA
An educational hackerspace that provides tech resources and meeting/event space. 2169 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103 415-738-2341 www.noisebridge.net
The Roosevelt 2.0 – Tampa, FL
A community space that hosts music, art and events. 1812 N. 15th St. Tampa, Florida 33605 813-248-1904
Rag and Bones Bicycle Cooperative – Richmond, VA
A volunteer-run bike cooperative that rebuilds bikes and provides tools, shop space, parts and info to help people learn to fix their own bikes. 1320 School St. Bay 2, Richmond,VA 23220, ragandbonesrva.wordpress.com
Bike Forth – Davis, CA
A volunteer-run DIY bike repair shop where folks can use tools and learn to fix their own bikes. 1221 1/2 4th St. Davis, CA 95616
Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective – Phoenix, AZ
A volunteer-run DIY bike shop and community space that provides bicycle work space and tools, recycles bikes, and hosts events. They have a women/trans workshop weekly. 1023 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007 www.rustyspoke.org (Entrance is through the alley between Taylor and Fillmore).
Acrata – Bruxelles, Belgium
A radical lending library with an archive and bookshop offering zines and books in English, French and Flemish about regional issues. They host a monthly vegetarian BBQ in the street. Highly recommended. 32 Rue de la Grande Île 1000 Brussels, Belgium www.acrata.be, acrata@post.com
The Tempest – Berlin, Germany
A multilingual radical library that has a lot of info about European radical activity and hosts events. Open Tue/Thu 4-8 and Fri/Sun 2-6. Reichenbergerstr. 63a 10999 Berlin, Germany tempestlibrary.com
Changes to the 2013 Organizer
As soon as we took the organizer to the printing press, many people started emailing us corrections and updates that were too late. Please hand write these in your organizer . . .

The Community Center Coalition in Lancaster, PA is closed.

The Minnehaha Free Space moved after we went to press. Their new address is 3747 Minnehaha Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55407 (mailing address: PO Box 8222, Minneapolis, MN 55408). They also have a phone number now: 612-729-3733.

We didn’t include the Grease Pit Community Bike Shop because we didn’t know they had a new address. They are now at 2750 Bloomington Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55407 greasepitbikes.com

The Bellingham Alternative Library moved after we went to press so the address published in the organizer is wrong. They are now at 306 Flora St. Bellingham, WA 98225.

The Farside in Tallahassee, FL has closed.

A lot of projects operate out of the 27 Social Center in Denver. We didn’t list all the names of the individual projects but one is the Denver Zine Library and they have this website: denverzinelibrary.org

We listed the address to Barricade Books in Melbourne Australia but they have since been evicted and are looking for a new location.

We didn’t list the Edmonton Small Press Association because they were between locations. Their new address is: 11336 101 St. Edmonton, AB T5G 2A7 Canada. Their phone number and PO box remain the same: 780-434-9236, P.O. Box 95086 (Whyte RPO – 8065 104 St.) Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4E3
On-line Resource

Neil wrote us to say that since 2007 he has maintained an international database of DIY and radical spaces at dodiy.org. Check it out. We’re going to try to check it when we work on the 2014 organizer to see if we can add some more contacts.

Radical community spaces

Note: for unknown reasons, our computer is not allowing us to include apostrophes in text on the website, so we have replaced all apostrophes with a *. Sorry for the inconvenience:

Here*s some community spaces we*ve learned about since we published the 2012 organizer, plus some more corrections. Thanks to everyone who sent us info, plus all the volunteers keeping these spaces afloat. You can check Slingshot*s on-line contact list for more updates: slingshot.tao.ca.

Humboldt Grassroots Infoshop – Eureka, CA

They have a lending library & zines and host movie nights, Spanish night, workshops and discussions. Open M-F various hours. 47B West Third St. Eureka, CA [Mailing address PO Box 196, Eureka, CA 95501] humboldtgrassroots@riseup.net

Gya Community Gallery – St. Louis

A gallery dedicated to women*s art and topics surrounding women*s issues including family, youth, and community. They host exhibitions and events. 2700 Locust Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103 yeyoarts.org 314 374-3282

Rota Gallery and Studio – Plattsburgh, NY

A co-op art gallery, all-ages venue & community space that hosts events. 19 Clinton St., Plattsburgh, NY 12901 518-314-9872

The Smell – Los Angeles, CA

An all-ages, volunteer-run venue. 247 S. Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

Esperanza Peace and Justice Center – San Antonio, TX

A huge 9500 square foot building that hosts art shows, speakers, meetings, and performance. They*re working to create a library, computer center, bookstore, coffee shop and shared office space. 922 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, 210-228-0201

Bakersfield zine library – Bakersfield, CA

Zines and also a diy show venue in the garage called the Killer Clam. 137 Donna Ave. Bakersfield, CA 93304

Casa de Luz – Austin, TX

A macrobiotic, vegan restaurant / educational community center. 1701 Toomey Rd. Austin, TX 78704 (512) 476-2535

P&L Press Infoshop – Denver, CO

That have books, zines and materials for sale and host events. They are in the same building as Denver Health Collective, Bread and Roses (IWW), Colorado Street Medics, Denver Anarchist Black Cross, etc. 2727 27th Ave., Denver, CO 80211.

Visible Voice Books – Cleveland, OH

An independent new and used bookshop with a free meeting/performance space that hosts community events. They also have a wine bar and garden courtyard. 1023 Kenilworth Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44113 216-701-0809, visiblevoicebooks.com

UniTEA House – Durango, CO

They offer free community space for meetings, shows, workshops, etc. They serve wild-crafted herb teas and locally made snacks on a donation basis. They have a free library, infoshop, free box and wi-fi. 666 College Drive Durango CO 81301, 970-239-1498

Groundswell Collective – Knoxville

A community space featuring events. 1512 Magnolia Ave., Knoxville, TN 37919

Tri-Cooperatives – Davis, CA

Three student coop houses located on campus that feature organic gardens and communal living. Near Regan Hall Circle, Davis, CA.

Ordinary Spokes Community Bike Shop – St. John*s, Newfoundland, Canada

A collectively-run, volunteer-operated DIY bike shop that refurbishes used bikes, provides shop space and bike tools, teaches bicycle mechanics and promotes cycling. They host events and provide social space in their new commercial space. 576A Water Street, St. John*s, NL, A1E 1B8, Canada, ordinaryspokes.org

Changes to the 2012 Slingshot Organizer

• The Black Cherry in Toledo, OH is closed.

• The Radish in Springfield, MO no longer exists.

• We printed the wrong phone number and a mis-leading name for what should be called the DeCleyre Housing Cooperative. The right number is (901)-746-8126.

• The BRYCC House in Louisville, KY (Building Resources Yielding Cultural Change) lost their building to foreclosure — they owned it for 7 years with a big mortgage. They are now at 825 South Floyd Street, Louisville, KY 502-383-1177 www.brycchouse.com

• The Furnace in Albany NY has a website: albanyfurnace.org.

• We got an email that the we should take the Sky Dragon Centre in Hamilton, Canada off the list because it is now a yuppie café that no longer hosts radical events and is hostile to radicals. Let us know if you agree or disagree.

corners of the Globe – radical community spaces

As we create a new world based on cooperation, justice, pleasure and sustainability, folks around the world are occupying spaces where we can experiment, learn, and build strength and community. Here are some new or existing radical spaces that asked to be listed in the radical contact list for the 2013 Slingshot organizer. It is exciting to see so many communities from so many corners of the globe building alternatives to the rotten economic and political systems that oppress us and are destroying the earth. While our resistance is global, each individual project is a struggle to keep going. Drop by and offer some support and a hug (if they want one). Find the updated radical contact list on our website: slingshot.tao.ca. Happy traveling.

Earth House Collective – Indianapolis, IN

A community center that hosts concerts, classes, art, film and performance with a vegetarian cafe. 237 N. East Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204 317-636-4060, www.earthhousecollective.org

Firehouse 51 – Modesto, CA

A social center with a library, work-space and silkscreen shop that hosts meetings, films and speakers. 410 James Street, Modesto, CA 95354 modestoanarcho.org

Community Center Coalition – Lancaster, PA

A space with zines and info that hosts community projects and events. 307 N. Queen St, Lancaster, PA 17603 717-393-3848

The Holdout – Oakland, CA

An organizing and events space with a bookstore and bike shop that hosts workshops, classes, meetings and events. 2313 San Pablo, Oakland, CA 94612 theholdout.org

Casa TAller Aziz – Brownsville, TX

A workshop house for craft skill sharing with an herb garden and a hostel. 1205 West Elizabeth, Brownsville, TX 78520

Soapbox – Philadelphia, PA

An independent publishing center with equipment, instruction and skillsharing for do-it-yourself printing, art and zine making. They host events and have a zine library. 741 S. 51st St. Philadelphia, PA 19143. www.phillysoapbox.org

Bartertown Diner & Roc’s Cakes – Grand Rapids, MI

A collectively-run / worker-owned vegan / vegetarian diner with class war kitchen classes. 6 Jefferson Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49503. 616 233 3219 bartertowngr.com

Hungry Knife – Arizona City, AZ

A rural, collectively operated art, design and residential space. “South-Central Arizona’s Most Dangerous Arts and Crafts Collective!” 10565 W. Fernando Drive Arizona City, AZ 85123-3287 (mail: P.O. Box 3287 Arizona City, AZ 85123-3287), (520) 466-8353, www.hungryknife.com

Family Visions Ctr. – St. Louis, MO

A community center/house that hosts Food Not Bombs events. 3706 Texas Avenue St. Louis, MO 63118 314-600-2762

GNU Gallery – Fort Collins, CO

A DIY art gallery / music venue. 109 Linden St., Fort Collins, CO 80524 gnugallery@gmail.com

Twin Oaks Community – Louisa, VA

A long-standing (since 1967), democratically run agrarian ecovillage / intentional community of about 100 people who share income and housing, operate community businesses, and grow about 70% of their own food. They host an annual Women’s gathering and an intentional community gathering. 138 Twin Oaks Rd, Louisa VA 23093 540-894-5126

Quimby’s Bookstore – Chicago, IL

A small press, independent publishing, zine and comic oriented bookstore that hosts events. 1854 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60622 773-342-0910 quimbys.com

3rd Ave Collective Infoshop – Prince George, BC, Canada

Volunteer run with a lending library, zine collection, coffee/tea, Food Not Bombs, free internet, a gardening club, bike tools and art supplies. They host meetings, events and films. Open 7 days a week. 1157 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC V2L 1T6, Canada 3rdavecollective.com/

Centre for Community Organizations – Montreal, Canada

A social justice non-profit with a lending library. Suite 470, 3680 Jeanne-Mance, Montreal QC H2X 2K5 (514) 849-5599http://www.coco-net.org/

Freiraum Dachau – Dachau, Germany

An autonomous center with an infoshop and cafe. Brunngartenstr.7 , 85221 Dachau, Germany. freiraum-dachu.info/

Underground art space AGIT – Busan, South Korea

An indy artist space that hosts parties, concerts and alternative events. 74-36 Jangjeon 1-Dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea 8216-866-1235; artbefree@gmail.com

Bingage Cafe – Seoul, South Korea

A radical cafe – send us a description if you visit. 2-22-1 Yongsan-Dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea +82(70)8748-1968

Go Straight Cafe – Taipei, Taiwan

A gathering spot that hosts events, discussion groups, fundraisers and meetings. Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (three lane 27
 Taipower building station exit first, along the alley Lyle rich left straight ahead.) +886 (2) 2365-7303

HANTENCHI – Fukuoka, Japan

An infoshop & bar – active in anti-nuclear work. Shintenjin bld 2nd floor 1-23-4 Imaizumi Chuo-ku Fukuoka-city Japan

Bar Six – Okinawa, Japan

A punk oriented bar with shows – their website has an anarchy @ at the top, but the text is all in Japanese, and I don’t read Japanese. The Google translation is beyond useless. Comes well recommended from anarchist comrades in Asia. 1-36-10 chuo Okinawa-city Okinawa Japan, ch6x.com/

Wooferten – Hong Kong, China

A non-profit art collective that hosts workshops, discussions and performances with “social-political relevance.” Their website notes “instead of attempting an out-of-place white cube arty gallery, Woofer Ten moulds itself more like a community centre, a platform for art projects to explore new approaches in bridging the community and art making. Woofer Ten treasures the participation of our neighboring community and audiences, and see its art programs as creative interventions upon our community and society at large.” G/F 404 Shanghai Street, Kln., HongKong +852 3485 6499, www.woofer10.blogspot.com/

Changes to the 2012 Slingshot Organizer

• We forgot to publish a listing for the Candlelight Collective in West Bend, IN. Their address is 258 N. Main St. (Basement), West Bend, WI 53095, candlelightcollective.com. This is especially bad because we left them out of the 2011 organizer, too. Sorry. Note to editor: DO NOT forget this listing for 2013!

• The address for the Clear Creek Coop in Richmond, IN has changed. It is now at 710 East Main Street Richmond, IN 47374-4312.

• Sedition Books in Houston is no longer at 901 Richmond – they are reportedly looking for a new space.

• The Blood Orange infoshop has moved – they are now at 3485 University Ave. Studio 2 Riverside, CA 92507

• We managed to list the wrong address for Lucy Parsons Center for two years in a row! Now that’s dedication . . . but in the wrong direction. For 2012, they are actually at 358A Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, (617) 522-6098. We listed them at that address in the 2011 organizer, because we knew they were going to move there at some point soon, but they didn’t actually move until December, 2011. For unknown reasons, we went back to the old address for the 2012 organizer, even though we clearly knew a year before that that they were about to move. Please visit them.

• Open Books has moved – their new address is 1040 N Guillemard St. Pensacola FL 32501-3160.

• We got mail returned from Boing! anarchist collective in Salt Lake City – no one answered their phone when we called so we’re not sure if they exist anymore or not.

• Little Sisters in Vancouver, BC got left out of the organizer – they are at 1238 Davie St. Vancouver, BC V6E 1N4 604-669-1753.

• We heard that the Roberts Social Center Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada may lose their lease in May unless they can purchase the building. Stay tuned.

• We forgot to list Utopia
Infoshop: Bělehradská 45, Czech Republic.


A Web of Possibility – Info Shops & Radical Community Centers

Thanks to all the people who’ve written and emailed Slingshot with corrections to the radical contact list published in our organizer and on our website. It is humbling and inspiring to hear about new projects as well as to share information about changes to existing ones. It is easy to see your own small, struggling scene in a particular area and not realize that you are joined by thousands of people working on similar projects all around the globe. Together, we’re building a web of community that is exciting for its energy, diversity and vision for a new world based on freedom, pleasure and ecological sustainability. During the summer traveling season, we hope many people can use this list to find like-minded folks, and we hope many of the projects on our list will be enriched by new energy from folks passing through. Here are some updates – check slingshot.tao.ca for even more.

Coffee Strong – Lakewood, WA

A veteran-operated GI coffeehouse located 300 meters of the gates at Fort Lewis that supports war resistance and provides a safe place for soldiers to share the effects of wars. Free coffee, internet, a library, and referrals to community resources, including GI Rights counseling, legal support and Veterans Benefits. They host concerts, movies and other events to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. Also a meeting place for various organizations and support groups. 15109 Union Ave SW Suite B, Lakewood, WA (mail: PO Box 99404, Lakewood, WA 98496). 253-581-1565. coffeestrong.org

Autonomia – Seattle, WA

A radical community space featuring concerts, films, art shows, community meals, free skool classes and workshops. They have a free store, coffee, computers and host L@s Quixotes Infoshop and Radical Library. 600 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, autonomiaseattle@riseup.net

Blood Orange Infoshop – Riverside, CA

They have (or are creating) a lending library, bike collective, zineworks, free skool, radical show space, art gallery. At the People’s Gallery: 3643 University Ave., Riverside, CA 92501 in Studio #2.

Zine Apothecary – Minneapolis, MN

A zine library. 3310 15th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407, zineapothecary.wordpress.com

Under the Hood Cafe – Killeen, TX

A GI coffeehouse located a few blocks from 53,000-troop Fort Hood: Coffee plus they offer support services for soldiers and veterans include referrals for counseling, legal advice and information on GI rights. “Pro-Soldier, Anti-War.” 17 S. College Street Killeen, Texas, www.underthehoodcafe.org

Committee on US/Latin American Relations (CUSLAR) – Ithaca, NY

A campus based organization with a resource center / hang out space. 316 Anabel Taylor Hall, Ithaca NY 14853 www.cuslar.org

Secret Art Space Gallery – Bethlehem, PA

A basement art studio that hosts all-ages, drug/alcohol free concerts and DIY, underground art events at night. Please email for location: thesecretartspace@gmail.com

Cosmic Beauty School – Lawrence, KS

An intentional community & resource-sharing center for learning & integrating permaculture, holistic health, and social justice. 1145 Pennsylvania St, Lawrence, KS 66044, www.cosmicbeauty.org

BikeWorks – Edmonton, Canada

A volunteer operated community bike shop with tools, parts and bike repair help. 10047 – 80 Avenue (access is through the back alley), mail: PO Box 1819, Station Main, 
Edmonton AB 
T5J 2P2. 780-433-2453, edmontonbikes.ca

Sattya Media Arts Collective – Kathmandu, Nepal

A resource space for artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and other creative people. (Sattya means “truth” in Sanskrit.) Near the Zoo in Jawalakhel neighborhood on an un-named street with no numbers– see the website for a handy map and email them for precise directions. www.sattya.org. Mail: G.P.O Box No. 12668, Kathmandu, Nepal. +977 9813.485.716, collective@sattya.org.

Kultucentret Glassfabriken – Malmö, Sweden

A non-profit cultural center and vegan café featuring shows, movies nights and workshops. Kristianstadsgatan 16, 214 23 Malmö, Sweden, (+46) -040 – 23 81 01

CAJ Molodoi – Strasbourg, France

An autonomous center. 19, rue du Ban de la Roche – 67000, Strasbourg – France. 03 88 22 10 07 info@molodoi.net / booking@molodoi.net

Infoshop Roko i Cicibela – Zagreb, Croatia

A library and autonomous space with zines, books, coffee, tea and events. Frankopanska 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Changes to the 2011 Slingshot organizer

Iron Rail in New Orleans lost their space; they’re looking for a new one.

Modern Times Books in San Francisco has moved. Their new address is 2919 24th St.

The LUNk House in Lincoln, NE, an infoshop with a radio station, has moved. The new contact info is 1315 S. 24th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502 402-585-LUNK (5865) contact@lunkhouse.org They also host the IWW and a Food Not Bombs project.

The Fargo Moorhead Community Bike Workshop has moved. The new address is 209 Northern pacific Ave N., Fargo, ND 58102, 701-478-4021, www.fmbikeworkshop.org.

Solidarity! Radical Library and Revolutionary Center is no longer on 8th Street. They are now at the ECM at 1204 Oread Ave, Lawrence, KS 66044.

The Greenleaf Coffee Cooperative at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC still exists and was mistakenly left out of the 2011 organizer. (They were closed over the summer so we couldn’t confirm their listing.) 5800 W. Friendly Ave. Greensboro NC 27410 greenleaf@sauropod.org

The Grease Pit in Minneapolis lost their space and is closed while the look for a new one.

Sister’s Camelot moved to a new space: 2310 Snelling Ave S. Minneapolis, MN, 55404.

L@s Quixotes Infoshop and Radical Library has moved and is not at 600 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144.

Voxpop in Brooklyn, NY has closed.

We published a confusing address for Lucy Parsons Center in Boston. They are moving to the address published during 2011 (358 A Center), but they haven’t moved yet. Until they move, they are still at 549 Columbus Ave, Boston MA. Sorry for the confusion.

We got a package returned from the Taos peace house marked “box closed.” Let us know if they still exist and moved or if they are no longer around.

Elm City Infoshop in New Haven, CT lost their storefront.

Wrench in the Works in Willimantic, CT is gone.

A traveler told us that Firefly Lending Library in Miami, FL is gone.

They also told us that Loose Screws Infoshop in St. Augustine FL has been gone for at least a year.

Finally, they found that Outer Space in Charleston, SC also no longer exists.

Free Radicals at 803 Railroad Ave. Tallahassee FL are no longer there. That address is now the Farside, a collectively run music venue.

Le pavillon noir squat in Caen, France has been evicted.

Le Café Les épines in Strasbourg, France is closed now.

L’athénée libertaire in Bordeaux, France was listed on our website as closed, but is reportedly “fucking alive!” (It was listed correctly in the paper edition.)

Le local libertaire in Dijon, France was also listed on the website as closed, but still exists. (It was listed correctly in the paper edition.)

We have tried to find contacts in Africa without much success, but we did get confirmation that the contact we used to have in South Africa – Zagreb Anarchist Movement – does not exist anymore. They still have a publishing project: www.stocitas.org. They make a newspaper called Ispod plocnika www.ispodplocnika.net. They also have an anarchist bookfaire: www.ask-zagreb.org. Let us know if you come across any contacts in Africa or other under-represented areas (India? Middle East?)

Which spaces should we list?

The radical contact list we publish in the organizer has evolved over 17 years with most of the listings s
ent in by our readers / users. Since our collective has never been to these places, we’re never sure if we should list them or not. Increasingly, we’re getting emails from folks asking us to de-list places we’ve listed because they aren’t really radical. We’re accepting suggestions about how to deal with these situations. For the moment, here are places that folks have asked us remove:

Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Orlando, FL. We heard: offers vegan food but besides that there’s nothing radical about it.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen, Orlando, FL. We heard: same as above.

Omladinski Ck13 – Novi Sad, Serbia. We heard: Just a regular club and not radical.

The “bar le real” in Perpignan, France. We heard: is now just a shit bar, nothing DIY and “social” or “radical”

Another space is possible – infoshops and radical spaces

Here are additions and corrections to the list of radical spaces published in the 2011 Slingshot organizer. The definition of a radical space is necessarily rough and imprecise — it can include infoshops with activist resources, bike workshops, alternative all-volunteer show spaces, and other physical spaces seeking to build community and promote social change, rather than just seeking to make a buck. Many people are creating new spaces like this all the time because we know a different kind of world is possible — one organized on ecologically sustainable grounds to promote pleasure, beauty and freedom through cooperation between many different kinds of people. Check out these spaces and let us know if you know of more spaces we should list, or if you have found errors in the Organizer.

Harmony House – Lincoln, NE

An child-friendly urban homestead with a radical feminist library and a focus on community herbalism and permaculture. 320 C St. Lincoln, NE 68502, 402-438-4880

Boneshaker Books – Minneapolis, MN

A new all-volunteer radical bookstore featuring bicycle delivery. Some folks from the recently closed Arise Books have worked to open the new space. 2002 23rd Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55404, 612-871-7110

Bike Works – Silver City, NM

A community bike work space with tools to fix your bike. They also sponsor a free yellow bike program. 815 E. 10th, Silver City, NM 88061

River West Public House Co-op – Milwaukee, WI

A new community owned bar opening this spring with profits going to start more cooperatives in town. 815 E Locust St. Milwaukee, WI 53212 Riverwestpublichouse.org

Ex Nihilo Infoshop – Lancaster, CA

They have a lending library, free store, space for events and a music venue. They want to start a free skool. 43302 45th St. West, Lancaster, CA 93536

IWW Headquarters & Infoshop – Chicago, IL

Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies) storefront. 2117 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago, IL, 60618.

Black Hand – Richmond, VA

Activist house that hosts radical mental health events. 3112 Woodcliff Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222 (804) 334-2203

Hub Bike Co-op – Minneapolis, MN

A worker owned bike co-op with two locations, one of which has a DIY bike repair room and sells used parts. They also provide classes. 3020 Minnehaha Ave. 
Minneapolis, MN 55406 
612-729-0437 or 
301 Cedar Ave S.

Etnikobandido Infoshop – Pasig City Phillippines

They have a library and host films, workshops and Food Not Bombs. They are seeking literature and donations. 157 Ilaya E.Mendoza St.Buting Pasig City 1600, etnikobandido@riseup.net

Glassfabriken – Malmö, Sweden

A cultural center with meeting space, a vegetarian cafe featuring workshops, films study groups, art and music. Kristianstadsgatan 16, Malmö, www.glassfabriken.net

Utkanten – Malmö, Sweden

An open space for alternative cultural, social and political activities, “free from the capitalistic and static society that has invaded and corrupted our lives and tries to smash all our dreams and hopes that anything ever could be different than the present.” Industrigatan 20, Malmö, www.utkanten.net

Hallongrottan – Stockholm, Sweden

A queer, feminist, anticapitalist bookstore and hangout. Bergsundsgatan 25, 117 37 Stockholm Sweden, +46(0)8-658 13 20 www.hallongrottan.com

Info and record shop ROMP – Luzern, Switzerland

They publish a cool looking zine. Steinenstrasse 17, P.O. Box 6633, 6000 Luzern 6, Switzerland, www.romp.ch

AZ Aachen – Germany

An autonomous Center that offers shows, movies, art exhibits and has a bar. Vereinstr. 25, D-52062 Aachen, Germany

Infoladen Aachen – Germany

An infoshop with a library and vegan food on Fridays. Stephanstraße 24, 52064 Aachen, Germany

Organization of Permaculture and Art – Salvador, Brazil

An art / theater project. Rua do Passo, 62, Bairro Santo Antonio, 40030-020, Salvador, BA, Brazil, 55 (71) 3241-6204, www.opabrasil.org

Corrections to the 2011 Organizer

• Backroom Books has a new address: 750 W. Wyeth St, Pocatello, ID 83204

• The Baltimore Free Farm has a new snail mail address and website: 3510 Ash St., Baltimore, MD 21211, www.baltimorefreefarm.org. They got a warehouse across from the garden.

• Third Space at 783 Debarr Ave in Norman, Oklahoma got closed down on short notice for “fire hazards”.

• The Mopery in Chicago, IL has closed.

• Bad Egg Books in Eugene, OR has moved out of their space and temporarily into storage.

• The Black Cherry in Toledo, OH has shut down indefinitely; it may re-open in the future under new management, or maybe not.

• The Catalyst Infoshop in Prescott, AZ lost their space, then found a space, and then the landlord lost the new space to foreclosure after a few months. They are looking for a new spot.

• Free Radicals at 803 Railroad Ave. Tallahassee, FL no longer exists. It has been replaced by The Farside, a collectively run music venue.

• The address we published for Centro de Media Libres – 34a Actopan in Mexico City may be a walking direction, but it is not a postal address – the postal service wrote to tell us that the address doesn’t exist. If you have a better address, let us know what it is.

• Kulturhuset Underjorden/SPATT in Gothenburg Sweden is not dead: their current address is Brahegatan 11 Göteborg, ujorden@gmail.com, 0704734386

• Blackhole212 in Singapore closed its space. They still exist as a collective and hope to open a new space; if you are in Singapore, the phone #s listed in the 2011 organizer still work to contact them; remember +65 in front. Check: www.blackhole212.wordpress.com

• The Acclaim Collective in Tokyo has changed their address. It now is: 2-39-2-103, Sangenjaya Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0024, Japan

• The Associação Cultural Quilombo Cecília in Salvador, Brazil no longer is at the address listed.

Mail mess

We got packages that we mailed out returned from the following places – we don’t know if that means they are gone or if they just didn’t want to pick stuff up from the post office. If you know, let us know – we’ll try to check when we publish the 2012 organizer:

• Franklin House, Charles, MO

• Confluence Books, Grand Junction, CO

• Blast-O-Matt, Denver, CO

• Furnace Infoshop, Albany, NY

• EarthDiver Book collective, Oshkosh, WI

• Espaco Improprio, Sau Paulo, Brazil.