Radical Spaces: Hark! Change is afoot

Here’s a few radical spaces we’ve heard about since we published the 2013 Slingshot Organizer, as well as news about a bunch of spaces that have closed. Many radical collectives create spaces to host meetings, events and resources like tools, seed libraries and free stores. Like the occupations a couple of years ago that allowed isolated individuals to meet each other, these spaces provide a public place to create and expand community. This is important because without public places to connect with new people, a lot of radical scenes get very clique-like. Drop in and visit the space near you, or start your own. Check on-line for the latest updates: slingshot.tao.ca

The Artichoke – Springfield MO

An infoshop with a lending library, free store and skillshare space. 800 W Locust, Springfield, MO 65803, the-artichoke.weebly.com

SoapBox Books & Zines – Cincinnati, OH

A new infoshop with a library, book and zine shop, and space for meetings and events. Shares space with a bike coop and a gardening project. 1415 Knowlton St. Cincinnati, OH 45223 513-541-0252 soapboxbooks.org

Third Space – Toledo, OH

A radical community center with free coffee, a library and a record store that hosts shows and events. 137 N. Michigan St Toledo, OH 43604

Survival Center – Eugene, OR

An infoshop and community space located on the U of O campus but available to non-students and students alike. Suite 1, Erb Memorial Union, Eugene, OR 97403, 541-346-4356, survival@uoregon.edu

Rad-ish Collective – Boulder, CO

A housing collective with a community space/ zine library that hosts Food Not Bombs radical movie nights, meetings, and dance parties. They also have a slide out the 2nd story window. 710 31st St. Boulder, CO 80303. theradishcollective@googlegroups.com

Black Rabbit Hole – Helsinki, Finland

Infoshop and anarchist space – the name is Mustan Kanin Kolo in Finnish. They have a used bookshop as well as magazines, music and video, plus a meeting space. Hämeentie 28, Helsinki, FIN 00530. Ph 040-300-1909 www.mustankaninkolo.info, mustankaninkolo@gmail.com

Infocaf̩ Sal̩ РPrague, Czech Republic

An infoshop with a radical library that hosts workshops, films, meetings and meals. They are named after the Salé pirate colony in Morocco that served as a independent base for subversive activities. All food is vegan. Open Mon-Thurs 4-10. Address: Orebitská 194/14 PRAHA 3, sale.s.cz

Squat Cibulka – Prague, Czech Republic

An autonomous zone in Prague. Their website is in Czech (which I don’t read) but it seems like they host lots of radicals events. Address: U Cibulki, Praha Košíre, cibulka.squat.net

Black Rose Collective – Newtown, Australia

This 25 year-old collective had closed, but now they’ve re-opened. They are an infoshop with books, coffee, internet and they host events and shows. 22 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW Australia 0452-481-696 blackrosebooks.org

Changes to the 2013 Organizer

• Left Hand Books in Boulder, CO closed its doors after 33 years.

• Toronto Women’s Books in Canada closed.

• The Earth House in Indianapolis, IN closed.

• Libertalia Autonomous Space in Providence, RI has closed.

• Unitea House in Durango, CO closed.

• Firehouse 51 in Modesto, CA closed.

• The 3rd Avenue Collective in Prince George, BC, Canada lost their space.

• Revolver Infoshop in Prague, Czech Republic doesn’t exist anymore.

• DisCentrum in Prague, Czech Republic got evicted.

• The Bicycle Kitchen in Los Angeles moved to a larger location: 4429 Fountain Ave. LA, CA 90029.

• The Sibley Bike Depot in St. Paul, MN has changed their name to Cycles for Change. The address is the same.

• The Bloom Collective in Grand Rapids, MI has moved. Their new address is 8 Jefferson SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

• The mailing address for the Durham Bike Coop is PO Box 1225 Durham, NC 27702

• We got envelopes back from the following places. We don’t know if they move or ceased to exist, so let us know if you know:

– Cream City, Milwaukee, WI

– Candlelight Collective, West Bend, WI

– EarthDiver Book Collective, Oshkosh, WI

– Casa Taller Aziz, Brownsville, TX

– Durham Bike Coop, Durham, NC

– Earth House Collective, Indianapolis, IN

– Rag and Bones Bike Coop, Richmond, VA

• Camas Infoshop in Victoria, BC Canada has moved. Their new address is 2620 Quadra St., Victoria, BC, V8T 4E4.

• An anonymous person emailed us to object to Centro Social CCC in San Juan, Puerto Rico being in the radical contact list and claiming that they are not radical. Our collective is in Berkeley so normally we can’t visit spaces on our list. When someone nominates a space, we do our best to look at materials they publish and if they look stimulating, we put them on the list. We know not everyone will agree with each listing. Generally, we think a bigger looser tent is better than a smaller stricter one, but who knows? We welcome your comments either way.