infoshop update: changes to the 2013 Organizer

Social networking can’t just happen on-line — people everywhere yearn to create face-to-face communities in the real world. Against all odds, thousands of people scattered hither and yon are creating community spaces, DIY bike shops, and bookstores to host shows, discussions, meetings, and the personal interactions that keep us human. Here are some radical spaces we heard about too late to include in the 2013 Slingshot organizer, plus some corrections. Check them out. Let us know if you start one. We periodically post updates on our website
Centro Social CCC – San Juan, Puerto Rico
A social center with a library and zines that hosts events. 1657 Ave. Fernández Juncos, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909
Owl Farm – Nashville, TN
A new show and meeting space with a music, book and zine shop. 811 Dickerson Pike Unit I, Nashville, TN 37207
Hazardous Materials Zine Shop – Richmond, VA
A zine shop with books, posters, patches and a writing workspace that hosts workshops on zine making and writing. Open Thur – Mon 1-6 pm. 1806 Currie St. Richmond, VA 23220
The Seed – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
A worker-owned vegetarian cafe and community space. 52 N. Queen Street Lancaster, PA 17603 717-945-5787
Shades of Afrika – Long Beach, CA
An Afrikan-centered book & art store and cultural center that hosts events and 
study groups. 1001 East 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90802 562-436-2210
Portland Button Works – PDX, OR
A zine and button shop and mail order where you can make your own buttons. 1322 N Killingsworth St., Portland, OR 97217 503-922-2684
Noisebridge – San Francisco, CA
An educational hackerspace that provides tech resources and meeting/event space. 2169 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103 415-738-2341
The Roosevelt 2.0 – Tampa, FL
A community space that hosts music, art and events. 1812 N. 15th St. Tampa, Florida 33605 813-248-1904
Rag and Bones Bicycle Cooperative – Richmond, VA
A volunteer-run bike cooperative that rebuilds bikes and provides tools, shop space, parts and info to help people learn to fix their own bikes. 1320 School St. Bay 2, Richmond,VA 23220,
Bike Forth – Davis, CA
A volunteer-run DIY bike repair shop where folks can use tools and learn to fix their own bikes. 1221 1/2 4th St. Davis, CA 95616
Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective – Phoenix, AZ
A volunteer-run DIY bike shop and community space that provides bicycle work space and tools, recycles bikes, and hosts events. They have a women/trans workshop weekly. 1023 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85007 (Entrance is through the alley between Taylor and Fillmore).
Acrata – Bruxelles, Belgium
A radical lending library with an archive and bookshop offering zines and books in English, French and Flemish about regional issues. They host a monthly vegetarian BBQ in the street. Highly recommended. 32 Rue de la Grande Île 1000 Brussels, Belgium,
The Tempest – Berlin, Germany
A multilingual radical library that has a lot of info about European radical activity and hosts events. Open Tue/Thu 4-8 and Fri/Sun 2-6. Reichenbergerstr. 63a 10999 Berlin, Germany
Changes to the 2013 Organizer
As soon as we took the organizer to the printing press, many people started emailing us corrections and updates that were too late. Please hand write these in your organizer . . .

The Community Center Coalition in Lancaster, PA is closed.

The Minnehaha Free Space moved after we went to press. Their new address is 3747 Minnehaha Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55407 (mailing address: PO Box 8222, Minneapolis, MN 55408). They also have a phone number now: 612-729-3733.

We didn’t include the Grease Pit Community Bike Shop because we didn’t know they had a new address. They are now at 2750 Bloomington Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55407

The Bellingham Alternative Library moved after we went to press so the address published in the organizer is wrong. They are now at 306 Flora St. Bellingham, WA 98225.

The Farside in Tallahassee, FL has closed.

A lot of projects operate out of the 27 Social Center in Denver. We didn’t list all the names of the individual projects but one is the Denver Zine Library and they have this website:

We listed the address to Barricade Books in Melbourne Australia but they have since been evicted and are looking for a new location.

We didn’t list the Edmonton Small Press Association because they were between locations. Their new address is: 11336 101 St. Edmonton, AB T5G 2A7 Canada. Their phone number and PO box remain the same: 780-434-9236, P.O. Box 95086 (Whyte RPO – 8065 104 St.) Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4E3
On-line Resource

Neil wrote us to say that since 2007 he has maintained an international database of DIY and radical spaces at Check it out. We’re going to try to check it when we work on the 2014 organizer to see if we can add some more contacts.