2 – The Survey


Please snail mail or email your

responses to:


PO Box 3051, Berkeley, CA 94703

•How did you get your copy of


•Was it your first copy? If not, how

long have you been reading Slingshot?

•What do you like the most about


•What do you want us to change most?

•What article could you write that Slingshot could publish?

•Could you draw art for Slingshot?  Would you please?

•Could you be a volunteer distributor of Slingshot papers (Slingshot would send you a stack of papers each issue and you would put them in libraries, bookstores, cafes, laundromats, theaters, underground show venues, schools, barbershops, doctors office waiting rooms, etc.

•Are there other ways you could get involved in Slingshot such as:  helping w/ computer skills, proofreading, beta testing websites and apps, researching historical dates and radical contact list spaces for the organizer?

•Is there anything else we can do to

improve this product? Customer

satisfaction is our #1 goal!