A Web of Possibility – Info Shops & Radical Community Centers

Thanks to all the people who’ve written and emailed Slingshot with corrections to the radical contact list published in our organizer and on our website. It is humbling and inspiring to hear about new projects as well as to share information about changes to existing ones. It is easy to see your own small, struggling scene in a particular area and not realize that you are joined by thousands of people working on similar projects all around the globe. Together, we’re building a web of community that is exciting for its energy, diversity and vision for a new world based on freedom, pleasure and ecological sustainability. During the summer traveling season, we hope many people can use this list to find like-minded folks, and we hope many of the projects on our list will be enriched by new energy from folks passing through. Here are some updates – check slingshot.tao.ca for even more.

Coffee Strong – Lakewood, WA

A veteran-operated GI coffeehouse located 300 meters of the gates at Fort Lewis that supports war resistance and provides a safe place for soldiers to share the effects of wars. Free coffee, internet, a library, and referrals to community resources, including GI Rights counseling, legal support and Veterans Benefits. They host concerts, movies and other events to active-duty military personnel, veterans, and their families. Also a meeting place for various organizations and support groups. 15109 Union Ave SW Suite B, Lakewood, WA (mail: PO Box 99404, Lakewood, WA 98496). 253-581-1565. coffeestrong.org

Autonomia – Seattle, WA

A radical community space featuring concerts, films, art shows, community meals, free skool classes and workshops. They have a free store, coffee, computers and host L@s Quixotes Infoshop and Radical Library. 600 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144, autonomiaseattle@riseup.net

Blood Orange Infoshop – Riverside, CA

They have (or are creating) a lending library, bike collective, zineworks, free skool, radical show space, art gallery. At the People’s Gallery: 3643 University Ave., Riverside, CA 92501 in Studio #2.

Zine Apothecary – Minneapolis, MN

A zine library. 3310 15th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55407, zineapothecary.wordpress.com

Under the Hood Cafe – Killeen, TX

A GI coffeehouse located a few blocks from 53,000-troop Fort Hood: Coffee plus they offer support services for soldiers and veterans include referrals for counseling, legal advice and information on GI rights. “Pro-Soldier, Anti-War.” 17 S. College Street Killeen, Texas, www.underthehoodcafe.org

Committee on US/Latin American Relations (CUSLAR) – Ithaca, NY

A campus based organization with a resource center / hang out space. 316 Anabel Taylor Hall, Ithaca NY 14853 www.cuslar.org

Secret Art Space Gallery – Bethlehem, PA

A basement art studio that hosts all-ages, drug/alcohol free concerts and DIY, underground art events at night. Please email for location: thesecretartspace@gmail.com

Cosmic Beauty School – Lawrence, KS

An intentional community & resource-sharing center for learning & integrating permaculture, holistic health, and social justice. 1145 Pennsylvania St, Lawrence, KS 66044, www.cosmicbeauty.org

BikeWorks – Edmonton, Canada

A volunteer operated community bike shop with tools, parts and bike repair help. 10047 – 80 Avenue (access is through the back alley), mail: PO Box 1819, Station Main, 
Edmonton AB 
T5J 2P2. 780-433-2453, edmontonbikes.ca

Sattya Media Arts Collective – Kathmandu, Nepal

A resource space for artists, writers, filmmakers, photographers, and other creative people. (Sattya means “truth” in Sanskrit.) Near the Zoo in Jawalakhel neighborhood on an un-named street with no numbers– see the website for a handy map and email them for precise directions. www.sattya.org. Mail: G.P.O Box No. 12668, Kathmandu, Nepal. +977 9813.485.716, collective@sattya.org.

Kultucentret Glassfabriken – Malmö, Sweden

A non-profit cultural center and vegan café featuring shows, movies nights and workshops. Kristianstadsgatan 16, 214 23 Malmö, Sweden, (+46) -040 – 23 81 01

CAJ Molodoi – Strasbourg, France

An autonomous center. 19, rue du Ban de la Roche – 67000, Strasbourg – France. 03 88 22 10 07 info@molodoi.net / booking@molodoi.net

Infoshop Roko i Cicibela – Zagreb, Croatia

A library and autonomous space with zines, books, coffee, tea and events. Frankopanska 1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Changes to the 2011 Slingshot organizer

Iron Rail in New Orleans lost their space; they’re looking for a new one.

Modern Times Books in San Francisco has moved. Their new address is 2919 24th St.

The LUNk House in Lincoln, NE, an infoshop with a radio station, has moved. The new contact info is 1315 S. 24th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502 402-585-LUNK (5865) contact@lunkhouse.org They also host the IWW and a Food Not Bombs project.

The Fargo Moorhead Community Bike Workshop has moved. The new address is 209 Northern pacific Ave N., Fargo, ND 58102, 701-478-4021, www.fmbikeworkshop.org.

Solidarity! Radical Library and Revolutionary Center is no longer on 8th Street. They are now at the ECM at 1204 Oread Ave, Lawrence, KS 66044.

The Greenleaf Coffee Cooperative at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC still exists and was mistakenly left out of the 2011 organizer. (They were closed over the summer so we couldn’t confirm their listing.) 5800 W. Friendly Ave. Greensboro NC 27410 greenleaf@sauropod.org

The Grease Pit in Minneapolis lost their space and is closed while the look for a new one.

Sister’s Camelot moved to a new space: 2310 Snelling Ave S. Minneapolis, MN, 55404.

L@s Quixotes Infoshop and Radical Library has moved and is not at 600 24th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144.

Voxpop in Brooklyn, NY has closed.

We published a confusing address for Lucy Parsons Center in Boston. They are moving to the address published during 2011 (358 A Center), but they haven’t moved yet. Until they move, they are still at 549 Columbus Ave, Boston MA. Sorry for the confusion.

We got a package returned from the Taos peace house marked “box closed.” Let us know if they still exist and moved or if they are no longer around.

Elm City Infoshop in New Haven, CT lost their storefront.

Wrench in the Works in Willimantic, CT is gone.

A traveler told us that Firefly Lending Library in Miami, FL is gone.

They also told us that Loose Screws Infoshop in St. Augustine FL has been gone for at least a year.

Finally, they found that Outer Space in Charleston, SC also no longer exists.

Free Radicals at 803 Railroad Ave. Tallahassee FL are no longer there. That address is now the Farside, a collectively run music venue.

Le pavillon noir squat in Caen, France has been evicted.

Le Café Les épines in Strasbourg, France is closed now.

L’athénée libertaire in Bordeaux, France was listed on our website as closed, but is reportedly “fucking alive!” (It was listed correctly in the paper edition.)

Le local libertaire in Dijon, France was also listed on the website as closed, but still exists. (It was listed correctly in the paper edition.)

We have tried to find contacts in Africa without much success, but we did get confirmation that the contact we used to have in South Africa – Zagreb Anarchist Movement – does not exist anymore. They still have a publishing project: www.stocitas.org. They make a newspaper called Ispod plocnika www.ispodplocnika.net. They also have an anarchist bookfaire: www.ask-zagreb.org. Let us know if you come across any contacts in Africa or other under-represented areas (India? Middle East?)

Which spaces should we list?

The radical contact list we publish in the organizer has evolved over 17 years with most of the listings s
ent in by our readers / users. Since our collective has never been to these places, we’re never sure if we should list them or not. Increasingly, we’re getting emails from folks asking us to de-list places we’ve listed because they aren’t really radical. We’re accepting suggestions about how to deal with these situations. For the moment, here are places that folks have asked us remove:

Dandelion Communitea Cafe in Orlando, FL. We heard: offers vegan food but besides that there’s nothing radical about it.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen, Orlando, FL. We heard: same as above.

Omladinski Ck13 – Novi Sad, Serbia. We heard: Just a regular club and not radical.

The “bar le real” in Perpignan, France. We heard: is now just a shit bar, nothing DIY and “social” or “radical”