Resources to guide your choice

Everyone deserves access to abortion care when and where they need it — without judgment, stigma, or shame. Because of abortion stigma and the ongoing threat to abortion access, it is difficult to find reliable and clear information on abortion, a common medical medical process that one in four individuals will have. There is no “right” or “wrong” reason to choose to have an abortion and it’s okay to have several. You are trusted with understanding your life and your needs. 

“An unintended pregnancy is not a weakness or a moral failing but an inevitable occurrence in a society hell-bent on keeping you as vulnerable and unprotected as possible. You didn’t fuck up. You’re not irresponsible. You don’t need to bear any ‘consequences’ or be punished.” — Hannah Matthews (@hannahmsays)

These resources can help you get started determining what type of abortion might work best for you, where to find an appointment, and organizations that can support with appointment costs or practical support for travel if you need to leave your home state to receive care. 

Types of Abortion

Medication Abortion: Mifepristone, a pill, is usually taken with an abortion provider while at the clinic, while Misoprostol, another type of pill, is taken 24-48 hours later inside your own home — or, Misoprostol pills can be taken on their own in a higher dosage. 

Procedural Abortion: In pregnancies less than ~14 weeks, a pregnancy can be removed through dilation, opening the cervix, and suction to remove the pregnancy, in a process called vacuum aspiration. In pregnancies between 14-24 weeks, the procedure is called Dilation & Evacuation (D&E) where similarly to a vacuum aspiration, the cervix is dilated—often using laminaria (medical grade seaweed), a dilation tool, and/or Misoprostol—and the pregnancy is removed through suction. (See

Self-Managed Abortion (SMA): The process of inducing an abortion on one’s own, usually without medical supervision or guidance from a doctor. 

Abortion Access

(How to Find Available Appointments or Receive Medication Abortion Pills By Mail)

  • I Need An A (
  • Plan C (

Abortion Funds (Financial & Practical Assistance)

  • National Network of Abortion Funds (
  • National Abortion Federation Hotline (1-800-772-9100)
  • Indigenous Women Rising (
  • Jane’s Due Process | For minors living in Texas (call or text 1-866-999-5263)

Legal Resources

  • Repro Legal Hotline (

Other Resources

  • Abortion On Our Own Terms | Self-managing abortion with pills (
  • M+A Hotline | Clinicians with information & support about self-managing an abortion or miscarriage (
  • We Testify | Abortion 101 (
  • We Testify | Abortion Storytellers (
  • SisterSong | Reproductive Justice (
  • All Options Talk Line | Peer-based counseling & support (