Introduction to the 2023 Organizer

Welcome — we’re so glad we have found each other. We’ve been looking forward to collaborating with you. This little book is our collective collage that seeks to inspire and empower communities. It functions on multiple levels. A calendar, an information center, an organizing tool and an open space to nourish free thinking. The emphasis here is on movement — not just a particular cause or issue or ideology — but physical motion, action and a coming together that’s in direct defiance to today’s manufactured death culture. Face-to-face interaction fosters ways to transcend the supply chains, faceless corporations and subservience to crumbling hierarchical structures that enslave everyone to unsustainable systems that make life miserable.

Can we create cooperatives that thrive over several generations? Lots of people feel what’s going on isn’t OK but don’t do anything about it. People are not born radical nor perfect. Let’s take the little steps now. A perception of helplessness and doom is being sold to us. It’s a marketing strategy to replace actual control over our lives with tiny choices over consumption. Why not stay grounded in the gifts of the nature? Why not build strong foundations to put people over products and production? Why not celebrate how struggle and resistance are integral to our time here? When our attention and energy is invested with sufficient care in those around us and the earth — solidarity, resilience and joyful, thriving networks of mutual aid will emerge.

This is the 28th time we amused ourself by publishing the Slingshot Organizer. Its sale raises funds to print the quarterly, radical, independent Slingshot Newspaper. We distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the US, often at the places listed in the Radical Contact List. Let us know if you can be a local newspaper distributor in your area. You’re also invited to send content for the paper. It often looks better with input from outside our circle. Thanks to the volunteers who created this year’s organizer: Albert, Alex, Alexis, Amy, Ana, Andrew, Anka, Ash, Beck, Blair, Cave, Christy, Demon, Elke, Emil, Ending, Fern, Gina, Giz, Helia, Henry, Isabella, Jacquelynn, Jasmine, Jess, jesse, Jessie, Jhesù, Jonathon, Justin, K, Kaino, Karly, Katie, Kei, Kermit, Kristi, Lew, Lily, Lisa, Lola, Luca, Marie, Maya, Mimi, Molly, Nat, Rachelle, Ren, Robert, Sam, Sarah, Sirkka, Skye, Sunny X 2, Sylvia, Taylor, Tracey & those we forgot.

We dedicate this edition with love to one of our ancestors in the activist scene. Michael Delacour has spent over 50 years making radical change and acting in defense of the oppressed. Also to People’s Park which fed and gathered us together. The Park has provided a vision of a different world since the very first days of making Slingshot.

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