Introduction to 2011 Organizer

You can use this organizer as a personal time machine — traveling back to reflect on the struggles of past and then traveling forward in time to plan for a better future. The powers-that-be have boards of directors and experts working out their long-term plans for our lives and the earth. Their plans treat us as passive consumers, viewers and employees in need of management. When we merely react to their wars, their oil spills and their layoffs, we feel powerless, isolated and afraid. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The blank pages of this organizer give you hundreds of chances to organize with others to set the agenda and take control of our future.

When the corporations and leaders plan for the future, they seek to promote their own power and wealth — always seeking better machines, higher technology and larger institutions to control more details of our lives. Their plans are over-simplistic and short-sighted, ignoring the environment and more importantly, our human need for meaningful, free lives. They love the way tv and computers promote a short attention span — ignoring history and painting a frightening future — because its easy to control scared people.

The world we envision may have planning too, but it’s done together on an equal basis seeking an ecologically sustainable world where everyone can explore their full potential. Our planning tries to honor the past and think far into the future to understand how what we’re doing now might impact those who may walk the earth after us. Thanks for joining us on this journey.

This is the 17th year we’ve had the opportunity to publish the Organizer. It is our love letter to you. It raises funds to publish the quarterly, radical, independent Slingshot Newspaper. We aim to distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the US. Send us your mailing address to become a local distributor of Slingshot. Thanks to the people who made this year’s Organizer: Aleksandr, Ali, Artnoose, Ariana, August, Bonnie, Brent, Brian, Carolina, Claire, Clyde, Dan, Deefect, Dominique, Eggplant, Eliot, Enola, Fil, Garret, Gregg, Heather, Hue, Jesse/PB, Joey, Josh(ua), Julia, Karma, Kathryn, Kermit, Kerry, Kristi, Lew, Liane, Mellissa, Ona, Peter, Rachel, Rezz, Savage, Stephanie, Tops and Zee.

Slingshot Collective

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* Please note: as we go to press, our landlord is in bankruptcy and our building is in foreclosure. We are not sure whether we’ll be able to stay at this physical location or not, so please send all mail to our new PO Box mailing address until further notice.


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