Introduction to 2007 Organizer

In creating this Organizer, we seek to respond to increasing repression from government and the corporate industrial machine with ever more powerful creativity and love. This book is full of art, humor, sex, and madness because through these human things, we resist the cold standardization of a computerized, sterile world. There are alternatives to the dying American Empire — collectives, gardens, bikes, riots, goofing off, free skools . . . you fill in the blank.

Our lives thrive on our involvement in radical projects, and the inspiration we take from them overflows into other aspects of our lives. This energy helps us support each other while we struggle to smash the insane systems that hold us down. While we created this organizer, we sang, ate, laughed, cried, wrote, screamed, and wasted time together. This sharing is a powerful response — personally, politically and spiritually — to the mainstream’s greed, materialism, and loneliness.

This is the 13th year we’ve been privileged to publish the Organizer. It raises funds to publish the bimonthly, radical, independent Slingshot Newspaper. We aim to distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the US. Send us your mailing address to become a local distributor of Slingshot. Thanks to the people who made this year’s Organizer: Abra, Ally, Artnoose, B, Crow, Crystal, Eggplant, Emily, Fil, Gregg, Hannah, Heather, Jenny, Julia, Kathryn, Kermit, Kerry, Leslie, Lew, Lief, Locust, Maneli, Mark, Molly, Moraya, Paseo, PB, Rachel, Sal, Sarick and Thea.

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Note on Moon dates: we list the day on which a full moon or new moon occurs for Universal Time (UT) — if you live in the USA, the DAY of the event may be a different day. UT is 4 hours before eastern time and 7 hour before pacific time.


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