The Draft

Dear Slingshot,

As a person who joined the Armed Forces out of economic desperation, I favor the draft reinstatement that’s before Congress this year over the de-facto draft we have now. It is too easy for Joe Public to get behind acts of aggression against other nations when they know, in their hearts, that it won’t be their clean-scrubbed college students coming back with a prosthetic leg. I look at the fear-mongering this White House attempts every time Kerry nudges ahead in the polls, and I know this is only an effective tactic because the middle class knows their kids are safe. I support a draft, not because I want to see more kids put on the firing line, but because I believe nothing less will wake America up about what goes on in the world.


SGT Daniel Reasor

2nd Battalion, 265th Air Defense Artillery

Currently stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Dear Slingshot Collective

Hi! I’m the inventory manager at the [omitted to protect privacy], CA Borders Books & I was wondering if you guys distributed your Slingshot day planner to major book stores? One of my supervisors got ahold of your planner & we’d love to carry it! If at all possible, we’d only like an inital order of 10 planners (& maybe up it from there), & we can pay by credit card if that’s available. Please let me know so we can sell your amazing item!


[omitted to protect privacy

Inventory Manager, Borders, [—], CA

Our Response

Dear [—]:

Hi. Thanks for your email. We’re sorry, but our collective has decided not to sell the book to chain stores.

take care, love, slingshot

Dear Slingshot,

I am writing to request a bulk number of copies of the Slingshot newspaper, current and past issues. I live in a fairly rural area, turning into a rather nightmarish suburbia, and despite this terrible fact, there is an upside. A growing number of youth (like myself) are looking to more radical outlets of expression. More and more we are going beyond rebellion against our parents and looking at the larger system of oppresion. The problem is we are in a rural area and information is very limited. We receive many things from other places, mostly anything that comes in bulk, is close to free, and contains valuable information. We are trying to bring different aspects of radical culture to the youth so that they can get into radical politics through many means. Anyway, if you could please send some bulk copies of Slingshot it would help build radical culture in our area.



Pylesville, MD