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Slingshot is an independent, volunteer-run, radical newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988.

Issue #83 is definitely an exciting one. It’s been a hectic time, as always, for us here at Slingshot, with a lot of movin’ and shakin’. We have five new volunteers helping out and bringing a lot of new energy. Fresh ideas and excited faces are always welcome. Most of the collective was also in New York for the RNC, implementing their own special brand of radicalism. The S/M street theatre was a big hit with certain authorities! This is also our first issue back from our summer hiatus, through which we were working diligently on getting the organizer out and about.

We hope your lives have been as full and energetic as ours. It’s good to keep busy with such noble endeavors; but the movement suffers if you run yourself into the ground. Remember, there’s a reason we’re organizing, fighting, and striving: because we believe in a society that’s better than this one. And what better way to embody this ideal than taking a bike ride for the sake of the ride, or sneaking into a movie, or browsing your favorite book store dumpster, or doing whatever makes you feel refreshed and ready to keep toppling the system that keeps you from that feeling everyday. Even we at the Slingshot have to hop in the hot tub every once in a while.

This year we’re hoping to put out five issues of the paper, thus making the jump from a quarterly to a “quintorally” issued newspaper. It’s quite the advancement and we hope to be up to the challenge. Speaking of challenge, you’ll notice there are no Spanish language pages in this issue. Our sincerest apologies. We hope to bring back the bilingual paper for issue #84 and if any of you would like to and can help us translate articles from English to Spanish, or just want to submit an article, please don’t hesitate to contact us or simply come to the new volunteer meeting (see below).

As always, editorial decisions are made by the Slingshot collective, but not all the articles reflect the opinions of the collective members. We welcome debate, constructive criticism and discussion.

Slingshot New Volunteer Meeting

Volunteers interested in getting involved with Slingshot can come to the new volunteer meeting October 24 at 1 p.m. at the Long Haul in Berkeley (see below).

Article Deadline and Next Issue Date

Submit your articles for issue 84 by November 19, 2004 at 3 p.m. We expect the next issue out in early December.

Volume 1, Number 83, Circulation 12,000

Printed September 30, 2004

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