Free pizza for life

Free Pizza For Life
Plan-It-X/Secret Sailor Books
PO Box 2312
Bloomington, IN 47402
$5/224 Pgs.

This book from Chris Clavin of Plan-It-X chronicles at least a decade of the author’s life along with stories of other important people in his life like Sam/Samantha Dorsett who started the label and so much more (Sam had transitioned to become Samantha during their life). It felt very honest and open and had many intense moments for me because I had similar experiences with pop-punk, soda, eating pizza and trying to find spaces for myself where I could connect to people in a real way. The letters are a nice touch and really made me appreciate the very hands-on approach that Clavin talks about in the book. This book, for me, is so much more than stories of dumpstered pizza, which are in themselves full of vital scam info for intrepid freegans. Inexpensive and cute(!) in keeping with the spirit of Plan-It-X (DIYOD) and worth reading despite the many word usage errors…fucking spellcheck