The 28th and 29th of last May, 2004, the Third Summit of the Leaders of Latin America, the Carribean, and the European Union was held in the city of Guadalajara, México. They were looking to pass economic accords and investments on behalf of countries who are members of the European Union, and at the same time to reinforce and strengthen the penetration of the many bosses, entrepreneurs and transnational companies of our continent.

Thousands of people against the meeting took to the streets to demonstrate their rejection of these economic, political, and social plans that a small privileged class wants to impose over an entire people, only trying to get the most profit possible at the cost of the suffering of thousands of families and communities. Different organizations: social, farmer, worker, student, punk and anarchist collectives, tried to halt the Summit, taking the streets in protest and in order to inform society about the negative impacts that this meeting could have on the country’s reality.

The protest was brutally repressed, there were confrontations with the police and destruction of comercial property for many hours, resulting in a toll of more than 150 people detained of which 49 were transfered to a precautionary prison:

10 people sentenced

5 still waiting in jail for their legal situation to be resolved

30 are free under parole

4 underaged who already completed their sentences.

The crimes they are charged with range from rioting, gang activity, carrying illegal weapons, destruction of private property, stealing and injury to authority representatives.

In addition to this, 8 “friends in struggle” from different parts of the world were deported.

Almost a year after these events, a permanent sit-in or strike, established by a part of the movement in Ciudad de Guadalajara, continues to ask for freedom for the detained, keeping the struggle on its feet…

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