Queeruption 8: Barcelona!

Queeruption 8 will be held May 30-June 6 in Barcelona! Queeruption is a non-commercial, DIY, radical queer gathering full of workshops, skillshares, art, fucking, parties, food, and politics. Past Queeruptions have been held in London, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Sydney. This Barcelona queeruption might be the first one that’s not primarily English speaking! Maybe next year there will be one in Mexico City, or maybe El Paso and Juarez!?

Queers in the Bay Area are busting out numerous fabulous fundraisers, putting our relatively robust local economy to work for the always-free Queeruption. Money goes to everything from totally sexy portajohns to setting up a fund to help activists from economically disadvantaged countries get to upcoming Queeruptions. Last year, a big chunk of money was sent to Queer Serbia.

Check out these fabulous fun parties in SF to have fun while spreading american $ a little farther. On April 28 there’s Unisexy at the Make-Out Room, where you’ll find a Queer Dating game with Audience Participation! April 29 at night is the extremely fancy Ravenous! Dinner Theatre at CounterPULSE. May 12 it’s a Slutty Sleazy Makeout Party at the Stud featuring Full Moon Partisans and other bands.

Why go to Queeruption, why help raise money for it? It’s what keeps some of us alive, living in scenes where queers are sometimes hard to find— even when queer allies are many. Queeruption is decentralized and automous; we must work to expand the queeruption community, making it accessible to more and more people.

The first Queeruption happened in the spring of 1998, when about a hundred queers spent a weekend together in a squatted building in South London. The organizers’ goal was to make a politically inspiring and educational gathering that was open to all, and was about us all taking initiative, creating and participating, instead of just consuming a lifestyle sold to us.

Ongoing discussions within the community include topics of race, class, and cultural exclusivity, ablism, gender binarism /transphobia, and the reproduction of oppresive sexual norms within radical communties. At Queeruption, radical queers delve into fantastic meaty political topics… and top off the discussion by delving into each other!!! Fuck yeah!!!