Zine review: Give Me Back

By Give Me Back, $1.50, 56pgs.

PO Box 73691Washington D.C. 20056

This is the third issue of this music zine focusing on independent punk and hardcore thought. Intelligent columns get feature space and the rest is for the latest bands, either through interviews, ads, or reviews. Some topics include a harrowing experience trying to get work from a sleazy porn collector and the ABCs of Fuck MySpace, which focuses on their corporate ties and punks’ lack of motivation. Also, a handy how-to guide on getting into Canada, and practical tips on caring for your tour van. This zine is starting to get respect for its efforts and not rely on or try to live up to the legacy of its predecessor Heart Attack zine. Give Me Back is providing an up-to-date physical document in the continuous fight against apathy.