Zine review: Exclamation Point (!)

Exclamation Point In New Zealand

Photocopied 24 pages.

Contact www.myspace.com/helladubc to order.

This sporadic zine is from the suburban town of Walnut Creek, just over the hill from Berkeley. We get what you expect from a zine made from an army one: hand drawn graphics and text, typos, and stories that end right as they get started. This issue the writer takes us with her to Aotearoa (New Zealand) and shares with us the revitalizing urge to make things happen in her home town. An eight page comic shows us the story of how simply visiting a contact in the Slingshot resource list made a boring tourist experience into one with squats, protests, and a deeper understanding of the indigenous Maori struggles. There’s also a page on slang used on the island as compared to the slang used in the states. Apparently the phrase “bro” is universal. From the looks of it expect more to come.