Zine review: Am I Mad Or Has The Whole World Gone Crazy????: Achieving Mind Freedom In The Age Of Empire

by Eian, $4,28pgs.

P.O. Box 769, Redding, CT. 06896

As the introduction to this zine states, this is a brief “alternative history of mental illness” coupled with suggestions for ways of dealing with or treating depression. In its historical account, the zine touches on others who have written about related topics, ranging from Nietzsche and Foucault to Chilean activist Victor Jara. The text is well put together, and the outside references are woven into the text in an effective and interesting way. I wanted a more in-depth look at some of the ideas introduced, though that may have interrupted the flow of the zine. This zine explores an often documented take on mental illness, but still left me feeling inspired and excited. The strongest point is probably the collection of drawings illustrating the text. They range in complexity and quality, but all are energetic and some are beautiful.