Women's History Project

The Women’s guerrilla history project is a group of women who make posters of important, inspirational, amazing women and then wheatpaste the posters all over San Francisco. The goal is to make a more visible and public presense of women’s history, to allow the everyday random passerby to learn something of women’s history and then wonder why these accomplishments aren’t really celebrated or even known about.

The project started last March to celebrate women’s history month. There have been posters of religious leaders, artists, political prisoners, family members, all sorts of women. Anyone is fair game, from Margaret Mead and Charlotte Corday to ancient goddesses and Ani DiFranco.

In a city adorned with advertisements which depict stereotypical and/or sexist images of women, it is a powerful statement to plaster the urban landscape with posters of our role models. This isn’t a “Don’t-try-this-at-home” project. Wheatpaste can be found in your local hardware store, in the wallpaper aisle.

Go for it