Healing Global Wounds

Honoring the Mother
Mother’s Day, May 7-10
Nevada Test Site

Western Shoshone lands were stolen for the creation of the Nevada Test Site where ongoing subcritical nuclear weapons tests are going on with regularity. On Mother’s Day there will be a gathering to demand an end to all nuclear weapons development programs and an immediate halt to the dumping of deadly nuclear waste on the land. The epicenter for the nuclear industry is at the Nevada Test Site, but many organizations are organizing local events in order to visibly demonstrate the links in the nuclear chain and show widespread solidarity and respect for mothers standing in defense of their lands, families and cultural rights.

The Spring Gathering will include a Mother’s Day brunch and rally at the Test Site gates; community building, nonviolence training, daily sunrise ceremonies and sweat lodges, Atomic Cafe, campfires and drumming.

For more information contact: Healing Global Wounds, PO Box 420, Tecopa, CA 92389. Phone 760-852-4175.