121 Centre in Danger of Eviction

The 18-year-old 121 Social Centre squat in South London is in danger of being shut down by the police as Slingshot goes to press. A squat for anti-fascists, feminists, folkies, autonomists, socialists, bike enthusiasts, punks, anti-racists, disabled liberationists, prison activists and others, 121 Centre is ready for a riot. They have been occupied 24 hours a day and has been closed to public events for tactical reasons.

The Centre collective and users have produced 2 editions of “South London Stress”, a newsletter exposing gentrification of Brixton and the council’s attacks on 121. By selling the property, Brixton would be loosing its source of cheap entertainment and free advice on legal rights, only to be replaced by corporate profits and high price entertainment. The barricades are up, and 121 Centre is prepared for the probable surprise eviction.

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Email to carolyn121@hotmail.com