State Fucking With Anarchists

Dear Slingshot,

I am a prisoner at Oregon State Penitentiary, I have been for eight years. Currently I have a lawsuit going against the Oregon Dept. of Corrections for excessive, unreasonable censorship of Anarchist materials/publications and other publications who happen to print an article containing Anarchist symbols and statements/articles that contain Anarchist symbols. All funds that I do manage to accumulate are going towards this legal action. Currently, I, and my cellmate, Rob Los Ricos, are serving 120 days in the “hole” for unauthorized organization for fighting these restrictions. Both of us can be reached at the Oregon State Penitentiary.

Brian McCarvill 11037967

Rob Los Ricos 12112716

2605 State St.

Salem, OR 97310

Objurgating in Oregon,

Brian McCarvill

Mexican Anarchist in Prison

Mexican anarchist Carlos Alberto Estrada Arroyo was recently sentenced to 12 and a half years in jail for an alleged robbery that he denies having anything to do with. On May 14, 2001, Carlos was on his way back to work from a lunch break at his job as a brick mason in Mexico City, when he was arrested by the police. He was then beaten and tortured but still refused to admit guilt to a crime that he didn’t commit. Carlos was politically active including being involved in the large UNAM strike in 2000 that was crushed by the police.

Carlos and his family are thankful for the international support he has received including help from Argentina. Brazil, the U.S., France and Poland. His mother Sara Arroyo Granados writes: “…I am writing to thank you for the economic and moral help that has been provided to my son. The economic aid that has been given to us without knowing that we are a family with scarce resources and the letters you have sent to Carlos have cheered him up so much. They are like spinach for Popeye. When he is feeling down we bring him the letters and it brings back his strength. For this I implore that you don’t stop writing him. Even for me personally, I feel very inspired to know that we have friends, true friends. Thank you kids, thank you from all of my heart. To all in general, from all the states of the republic and of countries who have sent support, I know you may not believe in God, but I hope that life gives you all that can be desired. Goodbye.”

To send letters or donations to Carlos contact: