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Slingshot is a quarterly, independent, radical, newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988.

In an attempt to expand our artistic horizons, Slingshotters this issue debated the editorial content of the paper by engaging in competitive interpretive dance. It was an awesome sight; the staff frolicking and flinging themselves to and fro around the loft/office, emoting heavy political content with the added benefit of participating in strenuous, aerobic physical activity, to keep our blood flowing.

Finally, after fifteen years of publishing, we had our first ever retreat in April. What was planned as a sunny Saturday in one of the many beautiful nature spots here in the Bay Area, turned out to be a soggy, lightning and thunder filled afternoon in a leaky, red VW microbus. That may sound like an Arlo Guthrie song, but it actually was very productive, that is until we got to the bowling alley. No, really.

We decided that we want to change the process so we can publish the paper more often. We want to crunch the distribution cycle from about 3 weeks to just one weekend. That would take a lot more volunteer help that weekend. We talked about how we could get help from people who didn’t necessarily want to go to all our meetings and be fully involved in the collective, but who would nonetheless like to help Slingshot expand and thrive.

We also talked about reducing the period between our article brainstorm and our article deadline to just 3 weeks, instead of the current 5. To do that, we would need to find more writers outside the collective who would be willing to write an article or two per issue. Such folks wouldn’t have to go to our meetings or even live in the Bay Area. We would like to make these changes starting in 2004. Let us know if you can help.

In responding to a reporter’s question about the supremes hearing a case on sodomy, Sen. R. Santorum sez he is against all consensual sex. In response to that, a letter to ‘Savage Love’ suggested naming a sex act after Mr. S. We at Slingshot think this is a fine idea and after much heated debate and experimentation, suggest eating out an armpit as the act to henceforth to be dubbed Santoruming.

We are always on the lookout for writers, artists, editors, photographers, (folks from out of the area/US sincerely wanted!) distributors and independent thinkers to help us put out this paper. If you have such skills and would like to contribute we’d greatly appreciate it. Photos of demos or of cool reworkings of the cultural landscape, and stencils, are particularly welcome. If you do send us something, please be open to editorial discussion.

Editorial decisions about Slingshot are made by the collective, but not all articles reflect the opinions of all collective members. We welcome debate, constructive criticism and discussion.

Thanks to everyone who helped us create this issue!!!

Slingshot New Volunteer Meeting

Volunteers interested in getting involved with Slingshot come to the new volunteer meeting September 14th at 1p.m. at the Long Haul in Berkeley (see below).

Article deadline and Next Issue date

Submit your articles for issue 79 by October 18th, 2003. We expect the issue out the end of October

Volume 1, Number 78 Circulation 12,000

Printed May 22, 2003

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