Hi Slingshot,

I just moved into a cell that someone had left a copy of Slingshot, Winter 2002 issue in. I really enjoyed it and found a lot in common with most all the views and agenda’s expressed. What’s a trip is you guys also chose to put “Godzilla” on the cover of that issue. I actually wrote some lyrics about Bin Laden hummed to the Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” song. Below is as copy of the lyrics for ya. Feel free to publish them and even publish my name and current residence here at the state prison. I’m only doing a short violation but I’m looking for like minded people to write to.

When I parole I’ll be homeless, I plan on residing in the Bay Area/Berkeley temporarily but have dreams and goals of traveling America. I’ve done a lot of time since 1990 (pretty much all of the 90’s) so even though parole will still have my number, I’m not gonna let it restrict my happiness and ambition of seeking personal freedom- “Fuck State Parole.” Everytime I get out it’s my time! My life- My way!

Anyway, I’m curious about the current state of Albany’s Natural Dumpsite? That article about such a place really intrigued me. You got my sympathy and agreement on saving such an area at its natural state of growth. I wish I could be there to help and support, possibly soon. I loved your ideas about everyone coming together. All walks of life and outcasts, united together! I’m a 31 year old, ex-punkrocker/lost identity, anti-social, wingnut-big gg fan.

Welp, thanks for your time. please write back. Respectfully for all tribes.

One love,

Alfred Busby T37800

San Quentin State Prison

San Quentin, CA 94974


Like a masquerading pirate, he rocked the

Kings ship, then ducked in a cave and

Laughed at the world while he took a shit

Oh yeah, got to go! Go-go Bin Ladin