2012 Organizer – Coming Soon – How to Plug In

Thanks to folks who bought a 2011 Slingshot organizer. We still have copies available if you want to buy one or make a wholesale order. If you have ideas of ways to give free surplus copies to low-income teens or other folks who are unable to afford one, let us know. Email slingshot@tao.ca.

We’ll be making the 2012 organizer this summer — it will be available October 1. Let us know if you want to help us make the 2012 organizer. Here is a timeline for the work:

The volunteer meeting to kick-off work will be May 22 at 4 pm, 3124 Shattuck – join us!

In May and June, we’ll edit, correct and improve the list of historical dates. Deadline for finishing: June 24.

If you want to design a section of the calendar, let us know or send us random art by June 24. Deadline to finish calendar pages or give us suggestions for 2011 is July 29.

We need all new radical contact listings and cover art submissions by July 29.

If you have ideas for the short features we publish in the back, let us know by July 29. We try to print different features every year.

If you’re in the Bay Area July 30/31 or August 6/7, we love having help with the final organizer design — all done by hand, which is extra fun. Contact us. We especially need to find some careful proofreaders those weekends.