Stinky manifesto

Clean people dominate the world. Much too much of the housing, good paying jobs and nite life spots have been set aside for this ilk (who incidently are white or white-minded) This undoubtedly limits resources a natural smelling person can access. Which includes bootycall opportunities.

Some of us look at this as a result of the corporatization of public life. There is a false standard for people to hasten death via cancer causing bleaches, overpriced soaps infused with chemicals and other constructed standards of beauty enhancers. It’s too bad people have to purchase a product for acceptance and fail to realize it’s more important to shape one’s own mind.

The system starts in early on us. School is preparation for a life of work by ensuring we learn to follow directions and properly obey* Work is a drain of creative energy in service to sustain the machine. The machine perpetuates death onto us and our planet. The need to have people conform to its ways comes at a cost. Our access to water is threatened, spurred on by our compulsive need to maintain an unnecessary high standard of cleanliness. And it goes without saying that the POINT OF SWEAT(and smells) IS A RESULT OF DIRECT PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE.

Therefore we affirm that no one should go through life without smelling like:




-Food Not BOmbs belch

-permanent marker

-old dog/Mad Dog

-pussy/cock face

-crowded punk show

-3 day greyhound bus ride

-haymarket uprising



-abandoned house

-beached whale

-toe jam

*children were once forced to have their mouth “washed” with soap after offending sensitive people with “dirty words”.