Organizer summer scheduled

Thanks if you purchased a 2017 Slingshot Organizer – they are how we pay to print and distribute this newspaper for free. We still have copies if you want to order some. Also we have some returns so if you can distribute a few free copies to low-income people, prisoners, immigrants or teens or others who couldn’t otherwise have an orgnaizer, let us know (please no requests for just one copy, though).

If you want to help make the 2018 Organizer, we need your help. It’s just a handful of people working on the project so a single additional person makes a huge difference. Join us, no experience necessary, and it’s super fun and social:

• May/June: We’ll edit the historical dates. Send us suggestions for dates and holidays we should include.

• June 25-July 24: Artists draw the calendar section. If you want to draw a 4 week section, let us know. We call/email the radical contacts to update the list – send us corrections in July or volunteer to help with the update.

• July 28-30: Art and editing party to put the Organizer together. If you’re in the Bay Area, drop by for an hour or the whole weekend. It is a fun participatory project – no experience necessary.

No matter where you are, you can send us art to paste here and there, cover submissions, feature essays for the back, the letters A-Z, the numbers 1-31, the names of each month, and the days of the week — we’ll paste it in for you.