Introduction to the 2025 Organizer

Salutations – you light up the room and you’re lovable. We’ve created this organizer for a world where caring about ourselves and the Earth matters. Let’s build collaborative, decentralized communities that unite people from different backgounds. Doing so can bring us abundant meaning, passion and beauty. We’re so grateful that you’re reading thisand that we’ve found each other. 

Capitalism and its computers make more and more stuff, faster and faster — clueless as to why. It’s time to slow down so we can notice stuff — right now what are you feeling, hearing, smelling and seeing? Along with grief for those being steamrolled, there’s also energy and determination to forge something better.

You are not alone. Generations of freaks and renegades have created ongoing communities of resistance and liberation. Grassroots networks are organizing to advance freedom, kindness, pluralism, cooperation, health, environmental sustainability — plus fun and pleasure. With funky cooperatives, underground venues, bicycle kitchens and even this organizer, we’re nurturing DIY alternatives to cruelty, conformity, hierarchy, loneliness, violence and greed. Shall we live in hiding and fear — waiting for our lives to begin?  There are more of us than our tormentors.  In a world that has lost its way and is out of balance, we need each other. Let’s share our courage, loyalty, mutual aid and tolerance. 

This is the 30th year we amused ourselves by publishing the Slingshot Organizer. Its sales raise funds to print the radical, independent Slingshot newspaper. We distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the US, often at the places listed in the radical contact list. Let us know if you can be a local newspaper distributor in your area. All the content for both the paper and this organizer are made by people like you. Thanks to the volunteers who created this year’s organizer: Ana, Avi, Andee, Antonio, Ashley, Bill, Cara, Dakota, Donna, Eggplant, Eliana, Elke, Gale, Georgia, Giz, Harlan/Hayley, Henry, Henry, Imani, Isaac, Isabella, Jacinthe, Jacquelynn, Jasmine, Jesse, Jhesú, Joe, K. Malia, KJ, Kai, Kangs, Katie, Katie, Kermit, Korvin, Leslie, Lew, Lily, Lucie, Marie, Matteo, Matthew, Max, Mimi, Nadja, Nina, Rachel, Rachel, Ren, Robin, San, Sean, Seandunn, Shinya, Silver, Sirdavid, Sirkka, Skye, Søren, Soren, Stephanie, Talia, Tamara, Tessa, Thaddius, Tracey, Trinity, Yasha, Yifan & those we forgot.

Slingshot Collective

A project of Long Haul

Physical office at least until mid-2025*: 3124 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

* our landlord is threatening to tear down our building – check back for details

Mail: PO box 3051, Berkeley, CA 94703

510-540-0751 •

@slingshotnews • @slingshotcollective

Printed in Berkeley, CA on recycled paper


All volunteer collective – no bosses, no workers, no pay.