Introduction to the 2024 Organizer

You hold in your hands a tool you can use to fight homogenization and hopelessness. We invite you to take your eyes off the screen and plan stuff you care about with people you love. Capitalism breeds economic misery and wrecks the Earth while we get nothing — plastic, lonely, meaningless cubbyholes. 

And yet folks are pushing back everywhere — not doing what we’re supposed to do. Operating outside the gatekeepers of the status quo, we are thinking new thoughts and creating events, spaces and lives off the grid organized around pleasure, beauty and cooperation. In this year of 24 hour hype about elections, it’s easy to forget what’s in front of us. We all vote with our actions every day — no administrative body counts the vote. Welcome to the underground — outside the institutions and non-profits. Rather than management and centralization, we prefer a collective grab bag that is passionate, artistic and wild. Our hand-drawn homemade medium is the message — a world where every day is different and not wasted. Disorganized yet united around giving a shit and never being bored or isolated. 

The historical dates we include can help connect us with struggles from the past to give us inspiration and perspective. It’s up to us to create this year’s action that echo for the next seven generations. Even though the system can seem unstoppable and permanent, empires always crumble eventually. When people organize, we can win.  You can use the contact list in the back to get outside your bubble and build community. Use the blank pages as a launching point for your dreams and for art. Make your own zine, organize a festival, plant a garden; start a band, share food, squat land, riot, be happy, be free. 

This is the 29th time we amused ourselves by publishing the Slingshot Organizer. Its sales raise funds to print the radical, independent Slingshot newspaper. We distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the US, often at the places listed in the radical contact list. Having a physical document like the paper and this book seeks to nurture a community of freaks and co-conspirators. Let us know if you can be a local newspaper distributor in your area. All the content for both the paper and this organizer are made by people like you. Let’s create news and realities that are overlooked and marginalized in the mainstream press where people can feel as well as resist. Thanks to the volunteers who created this year’s organizer: Aaron, Alex, Ameilia, Amy, Ana, Anka, Antonio, Ash, Becky, Chloe, Christy, Danger, Danny, Elke, Ellie, Emily, Fern, Finn, Gale, Giz, Helia, Henry, Imani, Ingrid, Isabella, Jacob, Jayme, Jasmine, Jax, jesse, Jhesù, Josh, Karly, Kate, Katie, Kei, Lew, Lola, Lukas, Madi, Marie, Matteo, Nadja, Nat, Rachelle, Ren, Robert, Robin, Safear, Sarah, Sirkka, Sidney, Skye, Sophia, Stone, Sunny, Tessa, Tracey & those we forgot.

Slingshot Collective

A project of Long Haul

Physical office at least until mid-2024*: 3124 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley

* our landlord is threatening to tear down our building – check back for details

Mail: PO box 3051, Berkeley, CA 94703

510-540-0751 •

@slingshotnews • @slingshotcollective

Printed in Berkeley, CA on recycled paper


All volunteer collective – no bosses, no workers, no pay.