Introduction to 2013 Organizer

So many people walk through the world asleep – working a job, going shopping, checking and re-checking email . . . hoping for a little stimulation, following the rules and playing it safe on a treadmill. This sleepwalking and disengagement on a mass scale leads to a world of soulless concrete, toxic waste, economic injustice, isolation, bank bailouts, loneliness and global warming. Those who control the economic and political power thrive on sleepwalkers.

With this organizer, we demand to stay awake. And yet we can still dream wild dreams — with our eyes open — of a transformed world. It’s time to focus on what winning will look like. We seek adventure, freedom, and pleasure first — not as an afterthought or a hobby relegated to weekends and two weeks of paid vacation. Structures must serve human needs, be based on love, engagement, and harmony with the earth, and be directly controlled by those who participate in them. Any structures that don’t must be obliterated. We don’t have time to waste dealing with corporations, bosses, cops or machines that seek to manage and control our lives. Our community and love for each other is powerful. Will you join us as we stay awake this year?

This is the 19th time we’ve amused ourselves by publishing the Slingshot organizer. Its sale raises funds to publish the quarterly, radical, independent Slingshot Newspaper. We try to distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the US. Let us know if you can be a local newspaper distributor. We are working on making a smartphone app-version of this organizer that will come out by 2013 so if you know how to program apps, please contact us because we need help to make it happen. We’re also trying to post updates about the Slingshot universe on our Twitter (@slingshotnews). Thanks to the volunteers who created this year’s organizer: Alex, Ali, Amara, Angie, Anole, Ben, Bernadette, Calentine, Claire, Collin, Crystal, Dominique, Douglas, Eggplant, Enola, Fil, Gina, Heather, Jesse, Joey, Jonathon, Judy, Julia, Kate, Kazoo, Kermit, Kim, Lew, Melissa, Moxy, Rachel, Solomon, Sofie Jo, Stephanie, Susie, Suzanne and Zoe.


Slingshot Collective

A Project of Long Haul

Physical office: 3124 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley, CA 94705

Mail: PO box 3051, Berkeley, CA 94703

510-540-0751 ex. 3 • • • @slingshotnews


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All volunteer collective – no bosses, no workers, no pay.