Introduction to 2008 Organizer

This organizer is a tiny part of a growing resistance — crouched in the shadows but poised to jump into the open unexpectedly, and soon. All around, you can see inclusive, heterogeneous, and fun alternatives to the violence and oppression inherent in the current crazy economic/political system that is destroying the earth’s ability to support life itself. The system seeks to control everything from the top down by selling individual isolation to destroy community. But people are coming together and creating so much do-it-yourself art, music, writing and so many independent alternatives — grassroots forms of expressions that the system can never absorb — that the old centers of power will become irrelevant. Acting, studying, and creating together and outside the system defies the velveeta world and the culture vultures.

The illusion of isolation can be swept away in a moment. Isn’t it better to take our knocks in the head together in the streets than to face the world alone and afraid? To spend all night listening to the fragile voice of rebel low-power FM while plotting liberation than to sit awake fretting — anticipating the nightmare of daily life when the alarm clock goes off? Why not take a walk through what’s left of the woods and the great cities, talk with the people you meet, eat a good meal with friends and see all the pain and pleasure in the world. When we wake up, smell the coffee, and open our eyes, we look forward to an exciting life filled with revolt, creativity and cooperation that will surprise and inspire us.

This is the 14th year we’ve been privileged to publish the Organizer. It raises funds to publish the bimonthly, radical, independent Slingshot Newspaper. We aim to distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the US. Send us your mailing address to become a local distributor of Slingshot. Thanks to the people who made this year’s Organizer: Aaron, Abigail, Abra, Alexis, Artnoose, Cara, ChelseaLuna, Crow, Crystal, Dia, Eggplant, Emily, Fil, Gregg, Hzl, Jess x 2, Julia, Kathryn, Kenneth, Kermit, Leah, Lew, Mary, Molly, Moxy, Paseo, PB, Rachel, Rubicil, Samantha, Sydney, Taeva, Tomás, Veta, Z!k.

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