Introduction to 2006 Organizer

When you open this organizer, you might think “my god it looks like chaos!” Precisely. Every page, every day is different—which is the way we would like to live our lives. Think of this organizer as the paper equivalent of a multi-tool. In addition to keeping your life organized, we hope this book provides inspiration, useful historical facts, clipart, scrap paper, comic relief, and tips on foot massage. Foot massages are important especially after long days at a protest where the signs are all the same and the speakers are a drag! Fuck standardization, we demand diversity of tactics!

This book is an example of non-hierarchical resistance. It’s a mess. But the many hands, hearts, and manes that helped create it make it what it is: a reflection of the ways we all struggle separately and together. It’s not easy—it has never been easy—but the rewards of community building are worth it. You will get stuck, and when you do, it might just be time to run for the exit and get some pie. On that note, we’re off for pie! See ya next year!

This is the 12th year we’ve been privileged to publish the Organizer. It raises funds to publish the bimonthly, radical, independent Slingshot Newspaper. We try to distribute the newspaper for free everywhere in the USA. Contact us to become a local distributors or we’ll send you a free subscription if you send us your mailing address. Thanks to the people who made this year’s Organizer: Abra, Anna, Artnoose, Ben, Cara, Caroline, Crow, Crystal x2, David, Dia, Elisa, Erik, Gregg, Heather, Jenn, Josh, Julia, Jyoti, Karen, Kathryn, Kerrie, Lew, Luke, Molly, Moraya, Paseo, PB, Robert, Sarick, Seeley, Stormy, Sydney, Terru, Theresa, Tracey, and Venec.