2 – Get organized – the making of the Slingshot organizer by the people your parents warned you about

The 2022 Slingshot organizer is available now. By selling the organizer, we are able to print and give away this paper for free, so if you want to support the paper, please buy the organizer for yourself and as gifts. 

You can order the organizer online, but if possible, please buy it from a brick and mortar store to support the many co-ops, infoshops and independent bookstores that sell the organizer. If you know of a store in your area that might like to carry the organizer and/or the paper, let us know. We are particularly looking for stores in large cities where we don’t know of any store that carries the organizer, such as: Houston; Phoenix; San Antonio; Dallas; San Jose; Ft. Worth; Charlotte, NC; Indianapolis; Washington DC; El Paso; Detroit; Oklahoma City; Las Vegas; Albuquerque; Fresno; Sacramento; Miami; Omaha; Tulsa; Arlington, VA; Tampa; Wichita; Cleveland; Bakersfield; Honolulu; Anchorage; Reno; Boise; Tacoma; Des Moines, IA; San Bernardino…. 

If you want to help draw art or otherwise create the 2023 Slingshot Organizer, contact us now. We include the work of over 30 artists from all over — it could be you this year.


March, 2022 – edit / add radical dates 

April 20 – Artists start drawing the calendar

May 27 – DEADLINE to turn in art and corrections to Radical Contact List

May 28/29 and June 5/6 – parties to edit artwork and put everything together by hand in Berkeley. Drop by and join us if you’re in town. Please send proposed cover art. 

P.S. – Product Recall: The August, 2022 month-at-a-glance calendar is numbered wrong – you’ll have to fix it by hand. We’re not sure how this made it through the rigorous proofreading process…