the many languages of place and space – freespace, workship, hangout, bike station, sluber party, free toilet . . .

With the 2010 Organizer circulating around, many people have been contacting us from all over to let us know about their local project and to let us know about mistakes in the radical contact list in the Organizer. So here are a bunch of spaces we just heard about — some of them new and some of them new to us. It is extremely inspiring to be in contact with so many people in so many different places all putting their time and energy into alternative projects that seek to build community and model different ways of living. It isn’t always easy to volunteer and build something for the community while so many other people are just looking out for themselves, trying to get ahead. But when you relate to other people voluntarily working together for a common vision, you’re building deep community that goes beyond the superficial kind you’ll find at work, at a bar, or online. And doing stuff for yourself, for the love of art and music, and for the earth is meaningful and helps us feel less discouraged and confused.

We try to post corrections to the 2010 Organizer at our on-line radical contact list: Check it out and let us know if you see errors.

Night Heron Grassroots Activist Center – Lake Worth, FL

They opened in November ’09 and feature a radical book/zine/video library and anarchist literature distro; activist organizing space and place for meetings, events and workshops (accommodating 25-30 people), storage for art-making supplies and protest props and a kid-friendly play area. It was started by Everglades Earth First!, West Palm Food Not Bombs, the Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition and some individual activists and artists. They have space available for other groups. They are next to the Farm Worker Coordinating Council office, which provides social services to the local immigrant community and operates a free store. 1307 Central Terrace, Lake Worth, FL 33460, 561-249-2071.

LUNk Collective House – Lincoln, NE

A house with a radical lending library, free store and a micro-powered AM radio station. They host meeting, movies, shows, vegan potlucks, open mics and are linked into Food Not Bombs and a free skool. 1213 N. 12th Street, Lincoln, NE, 68508, 402-817-4791,

Knoxville Birdhouse – Knoxville, TN

A volunteer-run community arts and activist space featuring music, performance, exhibits, workshops and studio rentals. They’re working on opening an infoshop. 800 4th Ave., Knoxville, TN 37917,

Pangea House – Minot, ND

A non-profit community center for music, art and education. They host shows, skillshares and zine events. 109 Central Ave W Minot, ND 58703 Tel: 701-420-0913,

52.5 Records – Charleston, SC

An “underground” record store (“focusing on artists outside of the commercial mainstream”) that hosts shows. 561 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

Outer Space – Charleston, SC

A volunteer-run community space for creative expression and info exchange with art exhibits and a craft box. Open Sat 10-6. 623 Meeting St., Charleston, SC, 29403

The Train Yard – Las Cruces, NM

A DIY community space in Mesilla Park that hosts shows. They are trying to keep a low profile so the physical address isn’t public – email them for directions. Mail: PO Box 1759, Mesilla Park, NM, 88047.

Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen – Sacramento, CA

A volunteer-run do-it-yourself bike shop with classes. 1915 I Street, Midtown Sacramento, 95811,

Bellingham Alternative Library – Bellingham, WA

A book, graphic novel and music library. The folks who run it also do a Food Not Bombs. 717 North Forest, Bellingham WA 98225, 360-734-2735

The Hub Community Bike Shop Cooperative – Bellingham, WA

A non-profit, volunteer-run bike recycling shop with self-service and regular repairs. They host local bike events and teach biking in schools. 903 1/2 North State Street, Bellingham [mail: P.O. Box 1593, Bellingham, WA 98227], 360-255-2072

Spearfish Bicycle Cooperative – Spearfish, SD

They have a zine library as well as bike stuff. 727 Ames St. Spearfish, SD 57783

The Good Life Community Bicycle Shop – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

They are a non-profit, mostly volunteer-operated bike repair, education and resource center with free repair space and tools, workshops on bike repair, as well as recycled bikes and parts for sale. They have a meeting space for community groups. They aim to “make it as easy and fun as possible to choose biking” and “reduce environmental impact by encouraging cycling over driving and rescuing bikes from the waste stream.” 202-200 Barclay Parade SW Calgary, AB 403-619-2648,

Le Seul Problème – Marseille, France

They are an infoshop with a bookshop, a free store and a lending library. Contact them at: 46 rue Consolat, 13001 Marseille, 04 91 50 86 27, They ordered some Slingshot organizers from us and offered to improve our list of French infoshops. The huge list below is the result. Some of these were already listed in the 2010 Organizer. We’re not sure if we can print this all in the 2011 Organizer and so we might be looking for help to pick a few of the best ones. If you are in France before August 1, please visit these places and let us know which ones you liked best. We will include all of this in our radical contact list on-line!

• CIRA (Centre International de recherche sur l’anarchisme), 3 rue Saint-Dominique, 13001 MARSEILLE,

• CSA Croix Rousse, 18 rue des Tables Claudiennes, 69001 LYON,

• Librairie La Gryffe, 5 rue Sébastien Gryphe, 69007 LYON,

• Librairie La Plume Noire, 19 rue Pierre Blanc, 69001 LYON,

• Le Pavillon Noir, 10 bd Poincaré, 14000 CAEN,

• Le Lokal Autogéré, 7 rue Pierre Dupont, 38100 GRENOBLE,

• Antigone, 22 rue des Violettes, 38100 GRENOBLE,

• Centre Culturel Libertaire, 4, rue de Colmar, 59000 LILLE,

• Le Kiosk info-shop, passage Alexandre Dumas, 75011 PARIS,

• Librairie Publico, 145 rue amelot, 75020 PARIS, 01-48-05-34-08

• Librairie Quilombo, 21 ter rue Voltaire, 75011 PARIS,

• L’Athénée libertaire, 7 rue du Muguet, 33000 BORDEAUX,

• L’Étincelle, 26, rue Maillé, 49100 ANGERS,

• Les Tanneries, 17, boulevard de Chicago, 21000 DIJON,

• Le Local Libertaire, 61, rue Jeanin, 21000 DIJON,

• Le Raymond’s Bar, 77 Av E.Michelin, 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND,

• B17, 17 rue Paul Bellamy, 44000 NANTES

• Les Pavillons Sauvages, 35, avenue Jean Dagnaux, 31200 TOULOUSE,

• Chat Noir Toulousain, 18 avenue de la Gloire, 31500 TOULOUSE,

• La Cantine Populaire, 244 rue de Nantes, 35000 RENNES,

• Local Anarchiste la Commune, 17 rue de Chateaudun, 35000 RENNES,

• La Mauvaise Réputation, 20 rue Terral, 34000 MONPELLIER,

• Librairie Scrupules, 26, boulevard Figuerolles, 34070 MONPELLIER, Librairiescrupule@wanadoo.f

• Librairie L’Autodidacte, rue Marulaz, 25000 BESANÇON,

• Café Les Epines, 39 rue de Benfeld, 67000 STRASBOURG,

• La Question Sociale, 51 rue Landouzy, 51000 REIMS,

• Bibli
othèque-infokiosque, 152 Grand’rue, 30270 ST-JEAN DU GARD,

• Librairie Infos, 2 rue Théodore Guiter, 66000 PERPIGNAN,

• Bar La Réal, rue Louis Auguste Blanqui, 66000 PERPIGNAN

• Athénée Libertaire, 8 rue de Fouquerolles. 02000 Merlieux.

• Librairie L’Insoumise, 128, rue Saint-Hilaire, 76000 ROUEN,

• Le Laboratoire, 8, place Saint-Jean, 26000 VALENCE,

• Undersounds, 6 rue de Gore, LIMOGES,

Corrections to the 2010 Slingshot organizer

• We printed the wrong phone number for the Iron Rail in New Orleans. The new number is 504-948-0936.

• The OKC Infoshop in Oklahoma City has changed its name and relocated to: Scissortail Social Space, 3012 N Walker, Oklahoma City, OK 73103-1026. Their website is:

• The Taala Hooghan Infoshop moved to a larger location: 11 S. Mikes Pike, Downtown Flagstaff (In the white warehouse near the south side bus transfer station), Check them out at:

• The Elm City Infoshop was mistakenly placed on the “Rest in Peace” section of our website. Actually, they still exist at 810 State St. (inside Never Ending Books) New Haven CT 06511. They don’t have regular open hours but you can visit by appointment. Email them at They put out a newsletter and have a downtown street zine distro.

• Oops – two spots in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada were mistakenly listed as “RIP” — they are both still going strong: Junto Library 91 Albert St, Winnipeg and the Bike Dump at the Red Road Lodge, which is on the corner of Logan and Main, at the back of 631 Main St.

• The No Coast Infoshop in Columbia, MO has ceased to exist. The library is being stored at a private residence for the moment.

• We got envelopes returned from the following places. Does anyone know if they still exist? Please let us know.

— Pitchfork Collective at 2858 California, Denver, CO 80205.

–Greencup Books at 105 Richard Arrinton Jr. Blvd South, Birmingham, AL 35201.

–Centro Cultural de Playancha, Pedro Leon Gallo 4040, Playancha/Valparaiso, Chile

• The Bread & Roses Cultural Center in Denver, CO is no longer at the address listed – let us know if they still exist anywhere.

• The 123 Community Space in Brooklyn was evicted – they still have a contact: A New World in Our Hearts is no longer involved in the project.

• The Hamilton Zine Library still exists at 27 Kingwilliam St. in Ontario.