Earth Warrior arrested by Danish

An anarchist from the United States, now based in Copenhagen, is facing serious charges following the COP15 Climate Summit. Supporters of Noah “Rockslide” are calling for Solidarity in the face of state repression.

On December 11th, as part of a coordinated campaign of repression and intimidation by Danish police, Noah was arrested while biking down the street by himself, far away from the anti-corporate actions planned for the day. It is clear that Copenhagen police targeted him for arrest due to his alleged involvement in organizing the counter-mobilization against the COP15.

While world powers met inside the Bella Center in Copenhagen to pretend to address the issue of climate change, thousands of international anti-capitalist and radical climate justice activists converged in Copenhagen to challenge the legitimacy of the COP process and show that capitalism will only worsen the climate crisis. The COP15 was a point of pride for the Danish government, and they granted the police sweeping powers to repress anyone who would try to rain on their parade.

After being arrested, Noah was put in jail for 25 days to “prevent recurring alleged crimes and influence of an ongoing investigation”. After four days spent in solitary confinement, he spent twenty-one days isolated in a small jail 40 kilometers outside of Copenhagen, cut off from other political prisoners and the outside world. He was allowed almost no access to incoming or outgoing communication, and was not allowed to make phone calls. The police held letters to him from friends, and his rights to police-supervised visits were ignored.

Of the approximately 1500 people arrested during the two weeks of protest, only fifteen were held longer than twelve hours, but these were held without trial for up to a month. Noah is the only person from the U.S. facing serious charges. He is charged with planning to commit property destruction, violence towards a police officer, disturbance of the public order and wearing a mask. Two of these are the Danish equivalent of felony charges. The nature of his case and the charges against him are remarkably similar to the RNC8 conspiracy charges, in which organizers are charged with actions they never committed but which they allegedly planned logistical support for. Unfortunately, in the Danish legal system, guilt does not have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Noah started to cut his chops in the Earth First! movement in the woods of Cascadia around the mid-00’s, and has been involved in anarchist and radical environmental organizing on and off ever since. Most recently, Noah organized against the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 2008. Noah has also been involved with Denver Food Not Bombs and helped found the High Country Earth First! network in the Rocky Mountains region in 2009. ??In the fall of 2009, Noah said goodbye to his friends in Denver to pursue graduate studies in Copenhagen, just months in advance of the December 2009 Cop15 Climate Summit.

Noah was finally released pending trial on the argument that his residency and studies in Denmark constituted him as a low flight risk, although the investigation is still ongoing by the police. Two individuals without Danish residency remain in custody at this time, facing rioting charges. Noah’s trial, along with co-defendant Natasha Vecro from Australia, will begin March 16, and they face about a year in prison, upwards of $15,000 in fines, and deportation if convicted. Noah is being represented by a lawyer well known for defending radicals and activists in Copenhagen.

Noah lives in one of the only squats still left in Copenhagen from the squatter’s movement of the 1980’s. Since his release from jail, he has been spending his free time working on the house, working the door at punk shows and organizing eco-anarchist resistance to the climate crisis.

Denver Got Yo’ Back is a project to extend solidarity to all Denver anarchists currently facing felony charges or their repercussions. To support Noah’s legal defense, donations can be made via Paypal at Checks and money orders should be made out to Whitney Nichols, clearly marked “Support Noah,” and mailed to: Denver ABC, 2298 Clay St, Denver CO 80211. Questions or to get in touch: