Dave Linn 1956- 2017

Dave Linn, an incredible, warm, giving radical lawyer, died March 14.  Dave was an immigration and criminal defense attorney who was really in it for the cause, defending people with little funds. During the 1991 volleyball riots in People’s Park in Berkeley he was always there, willing to help with legal actions and defend people in court. Later he moved to rural Washington where he continued lawyering for the little guy.  “Linn started working with the Peace and Freedom Party in 1980s,” wrote Hilda Rangel, a friend. “He ran for Congress in 1992 in California against a prominent Democrat at the time, winning 10,472 votes out of 238,939. Linn also helped organize the Oakland Tenants Union and wrote for Grassroots, an independent newspaper out of Berkeley,” Rangel wrote. “He participated in protests against the Vietnam War, the Iraq war and the Nicaragua and El Salvador interventions. Linn wasn’t a pacifist — he was an activist, a feminist and a revolutionary,” she said.  He will be missed but his spirit inspires still.