Condom Conundrum

Make & Model User Opinion Durability Special Features Lube
Planned Parenthood: Lolli Yes! Fantastic check
Durex: Performax Lubricated Wow Fantastic Numbing Check
Trojan Enz: Lubricated Yes! Fantastic Check
Class Act: Ultra Thin and Sensitive Wow Fantastic Check
Durex: High Sensation Lubricated Sure Durable Ribbed Check
Planned Parenthood: Assorted Eh… Nothing too rough Thin Check
LifeStyles: Ultrasensitive Spermicide Wow Fantastic Thin Spermicidal
Trojan: Shared Pleasure Warm Sensations Lubricant Yes! Durable Warming
Trojan: Shared Sensation with Spermicidal Lubricant Wow Fantastic Thick(er) and ribbed Spermicidal
Inspiral: Lubricant Yes! Durable Thick(er) check 


Slingshot’s Experimentation Process: Each member of the collective took the task of testing condoms to heart, and conducted their own deep research. Special thanks to the many participants, without whom this research would have been a lot more dull. To those we thanked in person, to some whose names we didn’t catch, and to those generous others whose faces we never actually saw in the dark room: your dedication to this scientific endeavor was greatly appreciated… most of the time.

User rating guide: The collective relied on a highly specific grading system. Ratings ranged from “wow” to “yes!” to “sure” to “eh” to “shit” at the worst. (Un?)fortunately, we didn’t fuck with any “shit.”