International Solidarity Conference 1999

We propose that a conference be held in San Francisco, California from June 1st through the 5th 1999. We hope to facilitate discussions regarding the working class and our struggles with capitalism. These are issues that we hope to address at the conference;

  • Stop factionalism within the progression towards a more effective movement of direct democracy.

  • Combat the world bank and its structural adjustments by seeking alternatives and taking action.

  • Illustrate connections between workers, the environment, poverty and other pressing issues which urge resolution because of our need for an involved and compassionate society.

  • Explore alternative forms of organizing and cooperation.

    Registration, input for the agenda and applications to facilitate workshops/ discussion groups are all due to the following address by December 31, 1998. Please contact us at these addresses for further information.

    I99 International Solidarity Conference Committee

    c/o San Francisco IWW
    POB 40485
    S.F. CA 94140 USA