Love and Rage Dissolves

Revolutionary Anarchist Newspaper

The Love and Rage newspaper and Revolutionary Anarchist Federation voted to dissolve itself during a brief conference in New York on May 23. The break-up occurred as a result of a philosophical/political split preceded by a two-year-long debate within the organization around a number of issues that proved irreconcilable. Neither side in the split will continue using the Love and Rage name.

One side is forming a new organization calling itself the Fire By Night Organizing Committee and will, at least initially, not be publishing a paper. This faction which springs largely from the New York chapter of Love and Rage wants an organization that is less explicitly anarchist and that will require greater adherence to the organization by its members than was the case with Love and Rage.

The other faction which is more Mid-west based has put out a call to form a new revolutionary anarchist group and will put out a theoretical anarchist journal, but neither of these projects have names yet. This faction wants to do a significant amount of work with Anti-Racist Action.