On Monday August first, during the republican national convention, in the city of Philadelphia, I was arrested along with one other brother in a preemptive strike ostensibly aimed at those, like myself, who intended to protest the U.S. social/political system through means of direct and uncompromising action later that day.

While walking down the sidewalk downtown, we were surrounded by 10 to 15 bike cops and soon after put into custody at the \”Roundhouse\” jail complex. This all occurred an hour and a half prior to any known acts of civil disobedience, street fighting, corporate/private property destruction of legal demonstrations.

At the roundhouse I was charged with 1.) possession of instruments of crime and 2.) possession of instruments of crime, conspiracy. My bail was eventually set at $10,000 (sob) and on Wednesday August 3 I was turned out pending further court hearings despite the fact that I refused to sign my release forms.

My court date is set for September 16. By the time this communiqué is made public, I will already have refused to appear and a bench warrant will have been issued for my arrest.

I am a revolutionary anarchist.

As such, I do not recognize the authority of the State of Pennsylvania judicial system, I refuse to appear before them in order to plead my \”innocence\”. In addition to being absurd, such an act would confer a recognition of legitimacy upon them which I refuse to give. Besides, the court system is simply a tool of the State, and as such it too is my sworn enemy. Therefore, my necessary relations to it will never be and can never be that of \”innocence\”. To state it plainly, I am GUILTY. GUILTY of working towards the destruction of that very same court system which seeks to place judgment on me and others. GUILTY of working towards the absolute demise of the whole life-denying State apparatus. GUILTY of dreaming of a liberated world where wo/men\’s consciousness and material relations will at last be free to develop creatively in a society of love, equality, abundance and direct participatory democracy. In a word, all I am willing to confer to Pennsylvania, the Federal Government, as well as any and all authoritarian, bureaucratic and innately oppressive STATES is the absolute hatred and rejection that all exploited people feel and know towards their natural enemies.

However, let it be known that my hatred runs only as deep as my love for humanity and the dream of complete Social Revolution.

Therefore, I have come to the decision to continue my small role in the ongoing social and political revolution by semi-underground means.

From struggle comes victory and dignity. Strength and courage to the Black Bloc.

From somewhere in the New American Dawn. David. FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL