Dear Slingshot,

I found your rag inside Growers Market. According to your \”Circulation Information\” blurb, the enclosed check should be good for eight issues sent via bulk mail.

I know this is going to sound like one of those statements that begin, \”I\’m no women\’s libber but¼\” or \”I\’m not gay but¼\” I\’m not an anarchist but you anarchists give me a little hope for the future. I\’ve worked with plenty anarchists in my life. I know John Zerzan¾I can talk to him scholar to scholar. He didn\’t get all defensive when I told him I thought people would still want a postal service. Sure, you could still have letters without a postal service, but did you read in Lord of The Rings how Gandalf tried to send a letter to the shire and it never arrived?

Hey, what do you mean \”No Poetry\”?! So poetry can\’t be part of the \”debate, discussion and criticism\”? As¼punishment (severe but deserved) I\’ve written a poem just for you:

Those Darn Anarchists

Those darn anarchists,

Breaking windows,

Creating more profits

For the capitalist

Window glass barons,

Who can thus

Go on consuming

The planet.

Those darn anarchists

Are just like

The guerrillas in Colombia,

Who contribute

To global warming

Every time

They fire their weapons.

Plus that Slingshot rag

Must kill

A lot of trees.

              –Milton Takei