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Compiled by PB Floyd

It’s getting to be summer traveling season. Here are some spaces you can visit. Each infoshop is the culmination of tons of volunteer energy, community inspiration and love. Support these spaces with your time & money!

Each year we publish a list of spaces in our Organizer, going to press in August. So by April, with new spaces opening and old ones closing, the list is pretty out-of-date. These corrections and additions add to the list of corrections we published in issues #92 and #93. Because we are computer idiots, we haven’t updated our on-line radical contact list for over a year, so ironically, the list we published in the organizer (in August 06) is better than what is on-line, and these in-print updates are more up-to-date than either our on-line list or the organizer. Some day we’ll get into the computer age and fix the on-line list. Sorry.

Action for Community in Raleigh – Raleigh, NC

ACRe has a zine library, bike project, skill shares, cooking for Food Not Bombs, meeting space, urban gardening and more. They’re located at 2419 Mayview St. Raleigh, NC 27607 (919) 341-8263 raleighaction.org

City Heights Free Skool – San Diego, CA

They operate a free skool and have a permanent location featuring a library, free internet access, bike shop, and meeting/event space. Check out 4246 Wightman San Diego, CA 92105 619-528-8060, cityheightsfreeskool.org

Sky Dragon Center – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

A food co-op with space for artists, radical films and a farmer’s market that is involved in local green and anti-sprawl activities. We’re told it is a “hub for many different facets of radical people” in Hamilton. Check them out at 27 King William St, Hamilton, ON, Canada, L8N 1A3, (905) 777-8102, www.skydragon.org

GlobalAware CounterSpace – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

They just opened a gallery and shop. 19 Kensington Avenue Kensington Market Toronto, ON M5T 2J8, 416 204 1984 www.GlobalAware.org

Places just getting going

• Folks in Philadelphia are working on starting the Heartsville Community Space – they want to open a space with a library, internet access and a meeting room open for educational events by the summer. Contact them at PO Box 5917, Phili, PA 19137. 215-279-6420

Places that have closed

• Rebel Books in Wilmington, NC is gone.

• Castle Olympus in Columbia, SC is closed.

• The Boiling Point space in Charlotte, NC is no longer running.

• We got mail returned from the Clandestinos Collective in Denver and thus think they may no longer exist. Let us know if you have info.

• The Wildcat Infoshop in Lexignton, KY was shut down by fire marshals/police and then

evicted by the landlord.

• The 908 Collective Space in Fort Collins CO, is shut down.

Libraries! Infoshops! Eco-communes! Ect.! – a space update

People all over keep sending Slingshot word of radical communtity spaces, both already in existence or recently opened. Each of these spaces is the culmination of a massive community building effort, and once open, radical spaces can be a foundation for organizing and liberation. Here are some places that have cropped up since we published the 2007 organizer, which went to press in August, 2006, plus other contact info for spaces around the globe.

Collective for Arts, Freedom, and Ecology (C.A.F.E.) – Fresno, CA

C.A.F.E has a community center with a weekly radical movie night, lectures, a womyn’s discussion group, Food Not Bombs, Critical Mass, a weekly food distro, and a community garden. Groups sharing the space include: the Native Women’s Council, Sierra Nevada Earth First!, Food Not Bombs, and Fresno Voices for Animals. They are the center of lots of activity in Fresno! Check them out at 935 F Street Fresno, CA 93706, cafefresno.org

Wildcat Infoshop – Lexington, KY

This space has zines and books and also hosts shows and potlucks. Every Sunday at 6 p.m. is “Letters to Prisoners” night. Open Friday thru Sunday, 3 pm-7 pm, and for events. Visit at 832 Porter Place Lexington, KY 40508 www.wildcatinfoshop.org

Mathilde Anneke Infoshop – Milwaukee, WI

The infoshop is part of a coalition of groups that use this space. It has a bookstore, lending library, archive and community space for meetings, films and workshops. The space has an art gallery and resource center, a free skool, a printmaking collective and space for bike repair and Food Not Bombs. Open: Monday to Friday 3 pm – 7 pm; Saturday 1 pm – 7 pm; Sunday 10 am – 7 pm. By the way, who was Mathilde Anneke? Anneke, born in 1817 in Germany, participated in 1848-49 revolutionary activities and founded the first German feminist newspaper while her husband was a political prisoner. After the insurrection was crushed, the couple fled to Milwaukee, where Anneke became a leading feminist and active abolitionist working with the likes of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. While Anneke supported herself as a writer and wrote numerous essays, stories and articles in Europe and the USA, she also founded the first American feminist newpaper as well as a women’s academy in Milwaukee. The infoshop is at 732 E. Clark St, Milwaukee WI 53212, www.creamcitycollectives.org

Black Bear Bakery – St. Louis, MO

This 8 year old, worker-run collective bakery has just moved into a new space where they now have a cafe, newsstand and a library. 2639 Cherokee St. St. Louis, MO 63118, 314-771-2236, www.blackbearbakery.org.

Mad Ratz infoshop – Atlanta, GA

After 2 years, Mad Ratz finally got a space in October. They have a reading/lending library, bookshop, meeting space and workshop. Check them out Thursday – Saturday noon – 8 at 840 Dekalb Ave Suite C, Atlanta GA 30307, 404 992 7218, www.madratzinfoshop.com

Velocipede Infoshop – Iowa City, IA

This recently-opened infoshop/radical library is also the homebase for a volunteer run, non-profit bike courier service. The Infoshop features cheap fruit, a copy machine and scanner, a play place and a bike shop. 114 1/2 College St. #10 Iowa City, IA 52240, (319)321-5494, www.velocipede-iowa.info

Aprovecho Research Center – Cottage Grove, OR

For many years, this center has been studying and teaching sustainable living practices and appropriate technology, including such services as their 3 month intensive course in Organic Farming, Appropriate Technology, and Sustainable Forestry. The rural Aprovecho site is a living example of a sustainable eco-commune featuring passive solar and solar electricity, wood burning cook stoves and ovens, pedal powered flour mills and washing machines, an organic farm and orchard with chickens and goats, etc. They also have a small library! Aprovecho’s goal is complete autonomy from the system, and they hope to set a precedent for people worldwide who wish to be self-determined. There is an open house with tours every Sunday. Check them out at 80574 Hazelton Rd, Cottage Grove, OR 97424, (541) 942-8198, www.aprovecho.net.

Fuori Controllo – Savona, Italy

A new infoshop in a smaller town – via chiavella 3r – savona c.p. 573 – 17100 savona cpo fuoricontrollo@inventati.org

Centro Cultural de Playancha – Chile

Community center at Pedro León Gallo 4040, Playancha/Valparaíso, Chile, 56 (32) 2349571, ccpavalpo@yahoo.com

Gatazka infoshop – Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain)

Gatazka (which means “conflict” in Basque) have a 15 year old infoshop at Ronda Street, 12 48005 Bilbao, Spain. www.ddtgatazka.com Also, check out radical publication Ekintza Zuzena (“direct action”) at www.nodo50.org/ekintza.

Places to visit

These may not necessarily all be infoshops, but these small businesses, co-ops, and community spaces are good spots to stop by if you’re traveling through.

Fargo, North Dakota

• Tochi Products

1111 2nd Ave N, Fargo ND 701-232-7700

• The Red Raven Espresso Parlor, 14 Roberts street in the basement, Fargo, ND 58102.701-478-7337.

• Amazing Grains Cooperative, 214 DeMers Ave, Grand Forks ND 701-775-4542

• Mill Town Herbs, 2400 Highway 281 S, Jamestown ND 701-252-2284

Atlanta, Georgia

• Charis Books – the oldest feminist bookstore in the south with a non-profit arm – 1189 Euclid Ave, Atlanta, GA 30307, 404 524-0304 www.charisbooksandmore.com

• Sevananda – featuring teach-ins & events – 467 Moreland Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30307 404 681-2831 www.sevananda.coop

• Five Spot – 1123 Euclid Ave Atlanta, GA 30307, 404 223-1100 www.fivespot-atl.com

• Little Five Points community center – lots of events and home of Radio Free Georgia – 1083 Austin Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307 404-522-2926

• SoPo Bikes – bike coop – 465-C Flat Shoals Ave. Atlanta, GA 30316, sopobikes.org

Syracuse, New York

• Second Story Books – bookstore with coffee shop, art gallery, film showings and readings – 550 Westcott St. Syracuse, NY anharwood@yahoo.com

• Lavender Inkwell Bookshoppe – focusing on LGBT literature – 304 McBride St. Syracuse, NY, lavenderinkwell@twcny.rr.com

Missoula, Montana

• Shakespeare & Co. books – 103 S. 3rd St., W. Missoula, MT 59801, 406-541-6222.

Greensboro, North Carolina

• Greenleaf coop – student run coop cafe – 17708 Founders Hall 5800 W. Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC 27410

San Diego, California

• Rubber Rose – feminist sex and art shop – 3812 Ray St., San Diego, CA 92104 619-865-6930.

Madison, Wisconsin

• A Room of One’s Own Feminist Bookstore. Ahhh, so many places in Madison to visit . . . 307 W. Johnson St., Madison, WI 53703, 608-257-7888

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

• Bike Pirates – coop bikeshop and anti-car infoshop – 457 Bathurst St, Toronto Canada

• Community Bicycle Network Bike Share – bike lending program plus library of bike material – 761 Queen Street West, Toronto communitybicyclenetwork.org

Corrections to the 2007 Organizer

• Oops – we didn’t list the Acre Infoshop in Raleigh, NC. They’re at 824 Chamberlain St. Raleigh, NC 27607, 919-341-8263.

• We also didn’t list the Ironweed coop at 98 Grand St. Albany, NY 12202 518-429-8233, www.ironweedcollective.org. This used to be an infoshop and is now a house that hosts shows and other events.

• Papercut zine library in Cambridge, MA has a new phone #: 617-492-2600.

• To send mail to the Dry River Infoshop, send it c/o Joleen S, 48 W 4th Street, Tucson, AZ 85705

Places that are gone (or not?)

• We got mail returned from the 908 Collective in Ft. Collins, CO – not sure if they are gone or if it was postal mistake.

• We got mail returned from the Green Lantern Cab
aret in Winona – their website appears to say they are closed now,. but it is darn confusing.

• We have a report that Uprisings in Toronto Canada is gone – if anyone knows, let us know.

• We got mail back from Hodgepodge books – we called but they didn’t call us back – let us know if they still exist.

• We got a letter returned from New World infoshop in Ottawa, Canada (and they owe us $$) we think they’re gone.

• Paper Matches in Indianapolis (listed in the 2006 organizer) is sadly confirmed to be out of business.

Traveler's Infoshop Grapevine

People all over the world wrote in to tell us about new infoshops and radical spaces we should list in the 2007 Slingshot Organizer. No sooner had we typed in all the information and taken the Organizer off to the printing press than a bunch more people contacted us with more information — which will have to wait for the 2008 Organizer.

We’re always looking for information about new spaces or changes to existing places so that people traveling around can find places and so activists can network informally to cooperate on projects. If you’re traveling around and find mistakes in info from us or find out about more places we can list, please let us know. We’re trying to post information we receive on our website: slingshot.tao.ca.

Jack Pine collective – Minneapolis, MN

A radical community center / free space / youth hangout. 2815 E. Lake St. Minneapolis, MN 55406, 612-729-2837, www.thejackpine.org.

Rocktown Infoshop & Freespace – Harrisonburg, VA

A new radical space, they feature an infoshop with books, CDs, zines, etc., a radical library and a free store. Open 1 pm – 4 pm Sun-Tues & Thursday and Fri-Sat. 12-6. 85 E. Elizabeth St. Harrisonburg, VA 22802 (540)437-0577

Castle Olympus – Columbia, SC

It is a new collective space with a free library and a show space. They host workshops and punk rock potluck picnics. 119 South Parker St. Columbia, SC 29201, 843-618-4759.

Belfry Center for Social and Cultural Activities – Minneapolis, MN

They are a new space with a book and zine library host the Bat Annex Free School. 3753 Bloomington Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55407, 612-724-4293, belfrycenter.org.

Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center – Kalamazoo, MI

They tell us they are a “hub of youth activism and organizing in Kalamazoo, mostly serving Western Michigan University students.” 2101 Wilbur Kalamazoo, MI 49006 (269) 344-4076 Organize@KzooPeaceCenter.org

Mendocino Coast Environmental Ctr.

I was biking down the coast and happened upon this place in the very tourist-y city of Mendocino. The volunteer at the desk didn’t know the street address but it’s right on the main street. PO Box 1125, Mendocino, CA 95460, 707 937 -1035.

Sedition Collective – Houston, TX

They have a lending library, a small retail section, free broadband internet/wi-fi and a “free box,” as well as serving as a drug/alcohol-free hangout spot. They are open 4 pm – 7 pm, Wed-Thurs, 1-7 Sundays, and are available to be booked for meetings/events/etc. on Fridays and Saturdays. 4420 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007.

Media Island International Olympia WA

They host Food Not Bombs, Indy Media, have meetings space, computer access, a library and movies. 816 Adams St. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 360-352-8526.

Bikehouse – Salt Lake City, UT

A bike library open to travelers and radicals. 519 E. 600 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84102.

People traveling around sent us lots of new international contacts – we don’t always have a lot of information about what they are precisely. Hopefully someone will visit these places and give us info about what they are.

Biblioteca Social Reconstruir – Mexico City

Someone wrote in to say they’re not gone – they’re just moving. They are at Dolores #16 Despacho 401 near the Bella Artes metro station. Not sure of the postal code or phone.

Biblioteca Social Praxedis G. Guerrero

A cool new space. Open Wednesdays and Fridays 4-8 pm at Gobernador Curiel 2133, colonia ferrocarril, Guadalajara, Jalisco. cooperativa_regeneracion@yahoo.com.

Ernst Kirchweger Haus – Vienna, Austria

An awesome autonomous center/squat with an infoshop. Wielandgasse 2-4/A-1100 Wien/Austria, www.med-user.net/infomaden

Infoshoppe kasama – Zurich Switzerland

An infoshop (?) at militarstrasse 87a Zurich Switzerland

Centre internationale de recherches sur l’Anarchisma – Switzerland

An infoshop (?) at Beaumont 24 Lausanne 1012 Switz.

Infoladen Rabia – Switzerland

An infoshop (?) at Bachtelstr. 70 Winterthur 8400 Switz.

KTS – Freiburg, Germany

An infoshop (?) at Baslerstr. 103 79100 Freiburg Germany

Krtkova Kolona – Czech Republic

An infoshop and cafe that has been open since 2001. Socharska 6, 170 00 Praha 7 Tel: +420 604 247 218.

Alternative Information Center – West Bank, Palestine

An infoshop (?) at Building 111 Main Street – Beit Sahour, occupied Palestine – 00972-2-2775444

Alternative Information Center – Israel

An infoshop at Queen Shlomzion Street 4 (2nd floor) – West Jerusalem PO Box 31417, Israel – 00972-2-6241159, alternativenews.org/

Daila – Israel

An infoshop (?) at Queen Shlomzion 4, West Jerusalem, Israel, www.dailazoo.net/

Young Communist League of Israel

An infoshop (?) at Koresh 14, entrance 5, apartment 8, West Jerusalem, Israel, www.banki-shabiba.net

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

An infoshop (?) at Ben-Yehuda 7, West Jerusalem, Israel, www.icahd.org/eng/

Kafé44 – Stockholm, Sweden

An infoshop and coffeehouse. Tjarhovsgatan 44, Metro; T-Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm, Sweden, +46-8-6445312 info@kafe44.com

Anchor Archive Zine Library – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

They are a year-old zine library. Check ’em out: 5684 Roberts St. Halifax, NS. B3K 1J6 Canada. 902-446-1788.

Changes / mistakes in 2006 organizer

• The Urbana-Champaign IMC is now at 202 South Broadway, Suite 100 Urbana, IL 61801, 217-344-8820

• Third space in Norman, OK has a new phone #: 405-307-8379.

• Mat Hatters Infoshop in Danbury, CT has closed.

• Behind the Rocks Infoshop in Hartford, CT closed.

• Burning River Infoshop in Cleveland wrote in to say they are, in fact, gone but folks can contact the following addresses in Cleveland: Cleveland Anarchist Black Cross, PO Box 602543, Cleveland, OH, 44102 or FNB at veggies@clevelandfoodnotbombs.org. A new infoshop is scheduled to open in January, 2006.

• Black Star Books in New Zealand has new information: their new address is Corso Building, 111 Moray Place, Dunedin, New Zealand. Their postal address remains the same (p.o. Box 812 Dunedin, New Zealand). Their contact email address is now info@blackstar.nihil.nz and website www.blackstar@nihil.net.nz

Changes / mistakes in 2007 organizer

• We printed the wrong phone # and postal code for Haymarket Books and Cafe in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The correct info is T2G 2M8, 403 -234-0260. The street address published is correct.

• The address for Utopia Infoshop in Prague has changed to Karlova 25, Praha 1, Czech Republic. Note: someone from the Czech Republic wrote to say they had “changed their politics” and shouldn’t be listed anymore – other communications from Europe didn’t agree.

• Someone wrote to say that the La Comuna Libertaria in Guadalajara is not really operational anymore.

• Better than Television in Charlottesville, VA does not appear to exist anymore – we have had mail returned from them and their phone number is disconnected.

Fighting the fear machine: resistance to the first wave of mas arrests

In the last issue of Slingshot we published a number of articles about the green scare — the government’s attempt to label acts of property destruction in which no one is hurt as “terrorism” — and the rash of criminal cases against eco-activists accusing them of involvement in arsons claimed by the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front. The term “eco-terrorist” was dreamed up by corporate/industrial think-tanks to try to silence anyone who would put life and the environment over earning a buck.

Since Slingshot issue #90, there have inevitably been numerous developments in the green scare criminal cases, plus additional criminal charges brought against other defendants. With fast changing criminal case information, it is hard for a quarterly newspaper to keep up — we suggest you keep up with the details of these cases on-line (see below.)

All those arrested are facing outrageously harsh potential prison sentences, sometimes for vague crimes in which no action actually occurred, and in other cases for instances of property destruction in which no one was injured. The harshness of the sentences are based on the politics of the defendants more than the seriousness of any crime — even assuming there was any crime. Some defendants face life terms for arsons which — if committed for non-political motives — would only earn them a few months behind bars. The point of these government actions is to scare us, but we won’t be scared.

The government and their corporate masters want us to watch what we say and who we associate with or to focus on reacting to their oppression instead of engaging with our world and creating new and beautiful visions for it. The only way these tactics can succeed is if we give in to fear and spend all our energy reacting to their repression. The logging companies, developers, and factory farmers win if we cease to live in defiance of their brutal machine. Efforts like prisoner support are important, but can’t take the place of staying militantly on the offensive with vibrant and creative actions that are motivated by mutual love and respect for ourselves and our world. Having said that, prisoner support is crucial — people need to know they’ll receive support if they are targeted by the state.


Here’s some brief updates about additional arrests / charges. We realize this is horribly incomplete — check our last issue and other resources. And if you have info you want us to publish, please send it to us:

• Jeff Hogg was jailed until further notice on contempt charges May 18 in Eugene, OR for refusing to cooperate with a federal grand jury after he was granted immunity. He can be held up to 18 months or until the grand jury expires. Just before entering the courtroom, Jeff spoke briefly to a small crowd gathered at the Federal Building. He expressed gratitude for all the support he and his partner have received during this difficult time. He spoke of the need for people of integrity to stand firm against the witchhunt. He implored us all to ask what we would do if we were in his situation. Would we choose to be strong?

• On May 11, federal prosecutors indicted Briana Waters, 30, of Berkeley, Justin Solondz, 26, and Bill Rodgers, who killed himself in an Arizona jail after his arrest in December, for the 2001 arson against Center for Urban Horticulture at the University of Washington. Waters is free on bail. Solondz has not been captured and is believed to be living outside the USA. If convicted, they face 35 years in jail.

• Animal liberation prisoner Peter Young — currently serving two years in federal prison for a series of fur farm raids in the midwest — has been charged with additional state crimes in South Dakota for the same acts. If convicted, he could face dramatically more time than his current two year sentence. He is seeking help with legal costs. Send donations to Peter Young Support Fund 740A 14th St. #237, San Francisco, CA 94114 / www.supportpeter.com.

• As of press date (June 2), Zachary Jenson, and Eric McDavid are still in jail in Sacramento accused of conspiracy to destroy property by means of fire or explosives. No property was actually damaged and the case is largely based on an FBI paid informant who set them up — traveling with and providing housing for the defendants and sleeping with one of them. Zach has been recommended for release on bail by his pretrial services officer and will have a hearing before a judge where the judge will decide whether to grant Zach bail. No date has been set for the hearing.

In depressing news, it looks like a third defendant in the case, Lauren Weiner, has agreed to cooperate with the government. She plead guilt to a lesser charge in late May and according to assistant US Attorney Steve Lapham “the defendant agrees to cooperate with the continuing investigation and prosecution of this case”. Eric and Zachary are still in need of your support, letters and funds. Check www.supporteric.org and www.supportzach.org

• The feds indicted Darren Thurston, Rebecca Rubin, Joseph Dibee and Justin Solondz, April 6 on charges of a 2001 arson against a federal horse corral near Susanville, Calif., that housed wild horses and burros rounded up from public rangeland. Thurston is in jail in Oregon – the government hasn’t located the rest and they may be outside the USA. Although no one was injured, the FBI said that the charges were the product of an extensive investigation by the FBI and its Joint Terrorism Task Force. Prosecutor McGregor W. Scott repeatedly labeled the arson as an “act of terror” in statements to the media. If convicted, the charges carry up to 50 years in prison.

• The latest info is that all defendants charged in Eugene, OR with a variety of alleged arsons claimed by the Animal Liberation Front / Earth Liberation Front will be tried together on October 31, 2006. They all need massive support leading up to the trial. Here is contact info for some of them:

* Daniel McGowan – released on bail – support group www.supportdaniel.org/

* Chelsea Gerlach #1308678, Lane County Jail, 101 W 5th Ave; Eugene, OR 97401, www.supportchelsea.org

* Darren Thurston #701415, Multnomah County Detention Center, 1120 SW Third Ave., Portland, OR 97204, www.freedarren.org

* Suzanne Savoie – Released on Bail – friendsofsuzannesavoie@yahoo.com

* Joyanna Zacher #1662550, Lane County Jail, 101 W 5th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401, supportersofnathanandjoyanna@gmail.com

* Nathan Fraser Block #1663667, Lane County Jail, 101 W 5th Ave., Eugene, OR 97401, supportersofnathanandjoyanna@gmail.com

* Briana Waters – released on bail – www.supportbriana.org

Green Scare Resources

• Civil Liberties Defense Center: www.cldc.org

• Portland Independent Media Center portland.indymedia.org/en/topic/greenscare/

• Green Scare info website: www.greenscare.org

• www.ecoprisoners.org/greenscare.

• www.frolympia.org/civlib

DIY has a posse! – Infoshops from here to eternity

Summer travel season is here — in fact, almost the whole Slingshot collective is already off on their travels or is about to leave, but that’s another story. Here’s some places you could ramble through and plug into. An updated version of the Radical Contact List we publish in our organizer with tons of spaces to visit all over the globe is at our website: slingshot.tao.ca. Happy trails.

Common Ground – Athens, GA

They are a resource center that has existed for about a year. They have a library, meeting room, office space for local groups, and free internet. They host Food Not Bombs and other events. Open 4-8 pm Monday – Thursday and 12-6 pm Saturday. 157 n Newton St Athens GA 30601, www.commongroundathens.org

Confluence Collective – Grand Junction, CO

A new community center dedicated to providing the tools, space and resources for grassroots organizing. They have free bike work/teaching/playing, a lending library with over 1500 books, a computer lab with internet access, a darkroom with workshops, free store and various weekly events: weekly vegan dinner and radical movies. About ten different groups meet there each month. 1450 Elm Ave Grand Junction, CO 81501 970.245.3720

Olympia Free School – Olympia, WA

They’ve been in existence for 5 years and offer free classes to the community as a local nonhierarchical organization. 610 Columbia St, Olympia, WA 98501, 360.352.4165 www.olympiafreeschool.org

Sisters’ Camelot – Minneapolis, MN

They are a collective with a bus that collects and distributes free organic food from different locations each day. They just got an office — collective meetings are Mondays at 3 pm. Check their website to see where the bus will be on any given day. 3649 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407. 612-746-3051 www.sisterscamelot.org

Clandestinos Collective – Denver, CO

A community space, with tables, chairs, and couches in the front for vegan breakfasts on Saturdays from 10-2, a screening room in the back for movies, a performance space, a kitchen, a lending library, a bike shop, several shelves of zines. They have writing workshops on Fridays and post-Critical Mass meetings on the last Friday of every month, etc. 719 W. 8th Ave. Denver, CO 80204

The Playing in Sand Collective – Santa Cruz, CA

Check out the Werkshop Museum & The Galley a do-it-yourself art space / infoshop / showspace. They host a variety of events and regular freeskool classes: figure drawing, music jam sessions, stencil making, block prints, and yoga. “On the second Sunday of every month we come together to host an event with workshops, food, and performances to represent these concepts and build creative momentum.” They also sell anarchist books and zines. Hours: 2:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. most days. 293 Squid Row, Santa Cruz, CA. playinginsand@gmail.com

Bike Church – Santa Cruz, CA

A community bike shop and tool cooperative. You need not be a mechanic to use the Bike Church’s do-it-yourself repair facility; people of all aptitudes make use of the shop. Church ministers (mechanics) are there to help and get as involved in the repair of your bicycle as necessary. They encourage people to learn by getting their hands dirty – familiarize them-selves with the machine that they rely on to get them from place to place. 703 S. Pacific, Santa Cruz, CA 831-425-2453. www.santacruzhub.org

Places that have closed or ???

The following places have closed since we published the 2006 organizer:

• Red ink books in Dublin, Ireland had to close due to expensive rent.

• We have heard that Sabos in Grand Rapids, MI has closed.

• Laughing Horse books in Portland, OR — a decades old radical bookstore and space — had to close its location on Division street due to rent increases. They are reportedly looking for a new location.

• We heard that the Asheville Community Resource Center in Asheville, NC has closed its location (again) due to heat from the city. Not sure if they’re looking for a new location or not.

• We got mail returned from U-C IMC in Urbana, IL, The Planet Infoshop in Ann Arbor, MI, the Burning River Collective in Cleveland, OH and Soap Box in Bellingham, WA. We suspect they may have closed but can’t be sure. Let us know if you have any info on the fate of any of these spaces.

Infoshops sprout like mushrooms

Here are some more infoshops and other liberated spots that folks have turned us on to recently that are not listed in the 2006 Organizer. Only one is a new space. If you know of a place that other people should know about, let us know.

Slingshot is also happy to announce that a constantly updated version of the radical contact list printed in our organizer is now available on our website: slingshot.tao.ca. Since there are no space limitations on a website (unlike in a book) we hope to include listings of many more places on the website than we do in the organizer, along with additional information. Let us know your suggestions on how we can improve our list. Happy trails!

INERTIA books & records – Jacksonville, FL

A new distro / DIY culture / music-book-zine store that just opened featuring a cafe with vegan desserts and a collection of pamphlets and zines (anarchism, DIY culture, animal / political / social activism, vegan / vegetarianism, etc.). They have weekly shows as well as game night and crochet-crusade/stitch-n-bitch meetings. 820 Lomax St., Jacksonville, FL 32204 (904) 613-7142

Feed Your Head Books – Salem, MA

It just opened and features radical, feminist, DIY books, zines and other stuff. They hope to use the space to host groups and events. 272 Essex St., Salem, MA 01970 978-744-4009, www.feedyourheadbooks.com.

ZAPP – Seattle, WA

The Zine Archive and Publishing Project at the Richard Hugo House features a zine library and sponsors workshops on self-publishing. They are about to open a workspace for zine-makers. They are seeking zine donations. Open Mon-Tues 1-9, Wed. – Sat 1-5. 1634 11th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122, 206 322-7030. Go around back to the basement.

Root Cellar Cafe & Zine Library – Bard College

They have zines, a meeting space for community action groups in the fields of fair labor, feminism, animal rights, anti-war activism, social justice, plus children’s book story time, and a heap of organic vegan food and coffee. Open M-F 2 p.m. – midnight at 0 Stone Row Drive, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY; mail: PO Box 5000, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504

Rebel Books -Wilmington, NC

An independent book and retail store “committed to the revolutionary power of love and art, despite these corporate times.” They have a performance space for local and visiting artists. 1701 Wrightsville Ave. Wilmington, NC 28403, 910.251.8395

Green Lantern Cabaret – Winona, MN

Froseph in Winona says the Green Lantern is “a really intimate place with all sorts of fun things to do.” It hosts the Winona zine library, the Everland collective book library, and many shows, meetings, and other events. 571 East 3rd Street-Winona, MN 55987, (507) 453-9520 greenlanterncoffeehouse.com

All Peoples Unite Infoshop – Fayetteville, AR

They have a zine library and radical archive open by appointment after their old space closed last July. Their main project is starting a bicycle recyclery. 617 S. Government Ave. Apt. C Fayetteville, AR.

The Basement – Manchester, UK

They are a radical bookshop, infoshop, vegan cafe and exhibition space that opened at the end of 2004. They have a library and free internet. “We want somewhere to represent the energy and ideas of people who think there is more to life than just shopping. . . . We’re not just a shop, but a gateway to another world.” Open Wed-Sat noon – 6. 24 Lever St., Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester M1 1DZ, UK 0161 237 1832

Changes or Places that may have closed

• The Radish has a new address – 417 N. Boonville Ave. Springfield, MO 65806 radishinfoshop.org

• We got mail returned from the Biblioteca Social Reconstruir in Mexico City – if anyone knows whether or not it still exists, let us know.

• Kelly went looking for Art is a Hammer in Indianapolis, IN and couldn’t find it. We sent them a letter but they didn’t respond.

• The No Borders! Collective space in Detroit, MI has closed and the collective has dissolved.

Infoshop update – issue #89

Infoshops and community spaces are the physical manifestation of communities of resistance — folks coming together to lay the foundations for a new social structure. Since last issue, I’ve had the opportunity to visit infoshops and community spaces in Portland, Oregon and Louisville, Kentucky, as well as talk to numerous folks at Infoshops everywhere while distributing the 2006 Slingshot Organizer. These visits and conversations are so inspiring — there are so many folks doing amazing projects everywhere.

In Louisville, I saw the Brick House center. They have recently purchased a huge, rundown building that they’re in the process of fixing up. It hosts a largish, well organized library, a smaller zine area, a kids play/arts and crafts area, an art gallery, a public access internet room, an event space for shows, a meeting room, a huge free store, and a bicycle workshop. They also host WXBH, a group that has received an FCC license to build Louisville’s first low power FM community radio station — they are currently trying to raise $70,000 to build the transmitter.

Keeping track of the comings and goings of infoshops and radical community spaces around the country gives me a sense of hope for the future. The past few months has seen the opening of the greatest number of new spaces in several years. Vibrant communities are able to create infoshops and ultimately, vibrant communities can use them as tools to extend the struggle beyond a difficult-to-contact friendship network and into a powerful force for change. If you’re in any of these places, check out and support these spaces!

Iron Rail Bookstore re-opens in New Orleans, LA

Even a hurricane can’t blow them down! Iron Rail Bookstore reopened in November — they think their library was the first library to re-open in the city! Visit them from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm everyday. 511 Marigny St. (@ Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70117, 504-944-0366.

Aboveground Zine Library reopens – New Orleans, LA

They lost some zines and have a new address but they’re back up and running — zine donations are always welcome. Send ‘em to: Aboveground Zine Library, 107 E. Lakeshore Dr., Carriere, MS 39426. www.geocities.com/abovegroundlibrary

People’s Free Space – Portland, Maine

Who says all Portland projects are in Oregon. PFS opened in September after over three years of preparation as a community space and infoshop. They have a lending library, kids space, free room, offices, computers, kitchen, books and zines for sale and a common room for workshops, performances, meetings and events. Food Not Bombs, Portland Tenants Union and GE Free Maine all work out of the space, and other community groups such as the Portland Victory Gardens Project and the Winter Cache Project meet and hold events there. The Frida Bus, the People’s Free Space’s mobile veggie oil powered community space is parked alongside the building. A Free School is based at the People’s Free Space and offers regular workshops. Visit at 144 Cumberland Ave. Portland, ME 04101, 207-822-9869, www.peoplesfreespace.org

Free Speech Zone – Salt Lake City, UT

They’re a “progressive retail store” with a free literature/reading area that sells books, locally made items, posters, cards, art, bumper stickers, pins and sweatshop free t-shirts. They have free movies on Saturday nights and have 2 high schools doing monthly open mic nights. They host meetings for the IWW, Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs, the Green Party, People for Peace and Justice of Utah, the Shundahai Network and the Utah Libertarian party. 2144 south 1100 east #130 Salt Lake City Utah 84106 801-487-2295 www.freespeech-zone.com

Social Justice Center Infoshop – Albany, NY

Check out the new Infoshop in Albany that replaces the closed Ironweed Infoshop. Open 11 am to 7 pm Saturdays with events at other times. 33 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12210, 518/434-4037 albanyinfoshop@riseup.net

The Hive – Flagstaff, AZ

They’re a community space run by the Flagstaff Indigo Movement, a low-income youth-advocacy group, on the verge of opening an infoshop radical library at the existing space. The Hive already offers classes ranging from circus practice to martial arts to self-defense, bike-repair, yoga, and an after-school art program for grade-school kids. The space also serves as a meeting-place for local activists, a gallery for local artists, a kitchen and serving-space for Food Not Bombs, and houses a bi-weekly poetry slam and community garden tools. The soon to open infoshop is looking for donations of books and zines especially on: women’s studies, queer and transgender studies, people of color/interracial studies, issues of environmental racism & environmental justice and alternative medicine. Visit 319 S. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

Alternative Arts Center / Sweet Candy Zine Library – Philadelphia, PA

They opened in January to provide resources for creativity and also a kid friendly space. They have arts and crafts hours for kids, a zine library, and host events plus have tons of resources: a copy machine, one inch button maker, electric typewriter, cut & paste supplies and more! 1508 S 4th St, Philadelpia, PA 215-531-3155 www.eyecandyzine.com

Lancaster Avenue Autonomous Space (LAVA) – Philadelphia

They are a community center that provides shared space for meetings and meals and a home for collectively owned resources for media, arts, construction, and community activism. They host ACT-UP, Philly Independent Media Center, the Defenestrator (anarchist newspaper), a library, copier, computer lab, Food Not Bombs, and a radio station, plus events. 4134 Lancaster Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19143 215.387.6155 www.defenestrator.org/lava/

DryRiver Radical Resource Center – Tucson, AZ

A new infoshop with a free store, computer access, radical video series and Spanish classes. Open 2-8pm M-F and 10-4pm sat and sun. 657 W St. Marys Tucson, AZ 85705 – no phone yet – dryriver.org

Haymarket Books – Calgary, Canada

A radical book shop – they hope to open a cafe soon as well. Open Wednesday-Sunday, 11am – 6pm. 1014 Macleod Trail SE (northbound) Calgary, AB T2G 2M7 (403) 234-0260

33 1/3 Books – Los Angeles, CA

They are a worker owned art gallery, book and zine shop that also sells handmade and/or non-sweat shop clothes. Open noon – 9 everyday. 1200 N. Alvarado St., Los Angeles, CA 90026, 213-483-3500.

Sandpaper Books – Los Angeles

A radical bookstore has taken over the building left vacant when radical community center Flor y Canto closed in LA recently. Check them at 3706 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90065.

The Wire – Athens, OH

They’ve been open for 2 years as an all volunteer-run and supported non-profit space featuring: Athens’ Bike Co-op, an alternative lending library, Internet access, an art space, meeting and workshop space. Open Wed – Sun 2 pm-8 pm at 21 Kern St. Athens, OH 45701, 740 589-5111, athenswire.org

Spartacus Books re-opens after fire – Vancouver, BC, Canada

After their 20+ year-old store burned down in April, 2004, they have re-opened! Check them out on the 2nd Floor, 319 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC (Coast Salish Terr.), Canada.

Northland Poster Collective – Minneapolis, MN

They’ve been a tool for artistic organizing for 26 years – check ‘em out at: 1613 E. Lake Street (PO Box 7096), Minneapolis, MN 55407, 800.627.3082

Gaian Mind – Long Beach, CA

They’re an eco-punx co-op space. Check ‘em out. 620 Pacific Ave., Long Beach, CA 90802, 562-552-9930, www.gaian-mind.org

Our Community Bikes – Vancouver, Canada

They promote do it yourself bike repair and bicycle empowerment and provide tools and repair instruction. They also have a regular repair shop. Open 11-6 every day at 3283 Main Street (at 17th) Vancouver, BC, V5V 3M6 Canada. (604) 879-2453 pedalpower.org/ocb.

We’ve received word of the follo
wing places to check out in Los Angeles, Seattle & Portland:

Bicycle Kitchen, 706 Heliotrope, Los Angeles, CA 90029, 323.NO.CARRO (323.662.2776).

Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research, 6120 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90044, (323) 759-6063.

Zine Archive and Publishing Project, in the Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122.

School and Community Reuse Action Project, 3901A N Williams, Portland, OR 97227, (503) 294-0769.

Community Cycling Center, 1700 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR 97211, 503/288.8864.

A traveler recently pointed out that our listings of contacts in Mexico in the Organizer was lacking and suggested these contacts . . .

Junax – San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas

A hostel for volunteers with communal food sharing that is the office for Chiapas indymedia. #17 Ejercito Nacional.

Frente Zapatista and the Maquiladora Worker Information Center – Tijuana, Mexico

A contact in Tijuana: 32B Calle Dolores. www.cittac.org

Centro De Medioa Libres – Mexico City

34a Actopan, entre monterrey y medellin, col. Roma Sur, metros centro medico y chilpancingo, http://vientos.info/

San Diego, Calif tour

The folks in San Diego, Calif. have compiled a tour of places to go if you go to San Diego – check this out and let us know what you think: /docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/SanDiegoRadicalPlaces

Places that are Gone

We have word that the following spots are gone or at least that we no longer have correct addresses for them — let us know if you have any details:

Breakdown Collective in Denver, CO.

The Phoenix Anarchist Coalition in Arizona.

We’ve had mail returned from the PO Box of the Autonomous People’s Project in Louisville – we’re not sure if they’re gone or just lost their PO Box.

Green Heart collective in Collingswood, NJ has closed.

Corrections to the 2006 Organizer

The address for the Alternative Press Center in Baltimore, MD should be 1443 Gorsuch Ave., not 1441, Baltimore MD 21218, 410.243.2471.

The listing for the Mosaic in Grand Rapids, MI should actually be a listing for Sabo’s Infoshop. The correct phone # is 616-881-5263.

The address for the Solidarity Radical Center in Lawrence, KS is wrong — it should be 1119 Massachusetts, not 119.

It’s Left Bank books in Seattle!

The address for Red Emma’s books in Baltimore is St. Paul St., not Paul St.

Brighter Days Infoshop – Detroit, MI have moved – the new address is 13160 Klinger St., Detroit, MI 48212.

The Phoenix Anarchist Coalition post office box has moved – the new address is PO Box 3438, Tempe, AZ 85280-3438

Info Shops & Collectives

Boing! Anarchist Collective – Salt Lake City, UT

They’ve been around for 3 years but we just found out about ’em — they do Food Not Bombs on their front porch, have a huge infoshop and library, free public computers, group meetings, sponsor protests, have a bike garage, and a Free Vegan cafe called Cafe Anarchista. Check ’em out 12pm – 9pm at 608 S. 500 E. Salt Lake City, Utah 84102; 801-364-2426.

Black Rose Collective Bookstore And Freecycling Space – Portland, OR

A community space based on cooperation not competition serving the rich cultural and economic diversity of their neighborhood. They have books, zines, cds, and a free porch. Open 12-8pm Tuesday-Saturday. 4038 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, Oregon 97227

Soapbox – Bellingham, WA

They’re an independent shop and exhibition space that “encourages and celebrates independent participation in media, politics and culture through re-claiming, re-using and re-working the spaces we inhabit.” They continue, “Refusing to be colonized by cynicism, despair or apathy, Soapbox aims to empower all those who hope, dream or struggle for a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.” Check them out at 215 W. Holly St. H-23 Bellingham, WA 98225; 360.676.1724

Vox Pop – Brooklyn, New York

They’re a radical bookstore/fairtrade coffeeshop that also publishes books (both for int’l distro and also print-on-demand locally). 1022 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn NY 11218; 718.940.2084.

Rock Paper Scissors Art Collective – Oakland, Calif.

RPS is a new art space in downtown Oakland. Come share or add to the local craftiness. Free and low-cost classes, sewing and art-making equipment, zines / library and gallery. Open 11 a – 7 p. closed Tuesday. 2278 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94612; 510 238 9171

908 Collective – Fort Collins, Colorado

Check out the infoshop/ community space. They also have ties to a new radical paper The Rocky Mountain Resister based out of Laramie, Wyoming: rockymountainresister.org. 908 Laporte Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80521

Green Heart – Collingswood, NJ

An environmental shop with vegan and fair trade stuff that is converting to a non-profit collective. 661 Haddon Ave. Collingswood, NJ 08108; 856-833-1144.

Autonomous Peoples’ Project – Louisville, KY

They have a lending library to promote people’s organizing — we don’t know the physical location. PO Box 2903 Louisville, KY 40201; (502) 291-8992.

Sedition Collective – Houston, TX

An Infoshop that hosts events and has a meeting space but not yet regular opening hours. 4420 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

Thought Crime victim of gentrification in Phoenix but Anarchist Library lives

“I’m writing with a heavy heart. I just received some sad, sad news… Thought Crime just received a 30 day notice, after 10 years – one of Phoenix’s longest running artspaces. The building is being purchased by someone who wants us out. Well, I’m sure this story is all too familiar to you, in the Bay Area.” Although Thought Crime closed, the Anarchist Library that shared the space moved and is now open again Monday from 6-midnight inside the back room of The Counter Culture Cafe 2330 E McDowell Rd Phoenix AZ 85006.

Victims of Hurricane Katrina?

It breaks our hearts that our contacts in New Orleans may be completely wiped out — as of press date, we have no information. If anyone learns the fate of the Aboveground Zine Library, the Iron Rail Bookstore or the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, please let us know. We got a very sad email from the folks at Hot Iron Press who were getting ready to put on the New Orleans bookfair in late October: “As for the future of Hot Iron Press and Jenny and I, – more than likely we will cease to function for quite some time, if not for good. It is almost certain that our house/studio and all of our equipment – presses, type, paper, tools, all of our artwork, and everything else we own – are underwater, if the building is even still standing at all. Unfortunately, all of the distro stuff – artists’ books, zines, etc – were also all left behind and are most likely destroyed as well.”

Mistakes in the 2006 Organizer!

The Organizer is just back from the printer and we already know about tons of errors! Fuck! Anyway, correct these errors in your copy with a nice pen and tell a friend:

• MayDay Infoshop in New York City lost its lease and is no longer on 1st St.

• Flor y Canto in Los Angeles has ceased operations.

Other Places that are gone or . . . ??

• Crossroads Infoshop in Kansas.

• We got a package returned from reAct in Omaha, NE – does anyone know if they moved or ceased to exist? Let us know . . .