Apocalypse Now- Emergency Preparedness Tips

Apocalypse Now- Emergency Preparedness Tips

For all of us who yearn for a different reality, remembering the old Chinese curse, “May you get hat you want and live in interesting times,” could be handy. How many of us can live, even for a short time, without the crutches of capitalist technology, whether after an earthquake, hurricane, fascist takeover, or insurrection? Here are some thoughts on what you could stash to make life a bit easier in the face of large-scale catastrophes, a DIY Apocalypse Survival Kit. This list assumes California Bay Area weather, so adjust to your local weather extremes*

In your med kit:


-1” medical tape

-4×4 sterile gauze pads

-assorted bandaids


-dental floss (for stitches and tourniquets)

-disinfectant (bactine, peroxide, or high proof liquor—which is also good for fire or sedation)

-painkillers of choice

-Yunnan paiyou (Chinese herb to stop bleeding)

-burn salve and skin salves

-menstrual pads (they can be used like gauze)


-herbal or homeopathic remedies

In a pack (prep bag):

-compass (learn to use it!)

-multitool/pocket knife

-lighters or strike-anywhere matches


-extra layer of clothes

-sturdy belt



-camera—to document injury or police brutality

-sewing kit/safety pins

-duct tape or packing tape

-sharpie and paper

-high calories food (peanut butter! Chocolate!)

-drinking water

-sunscreen and chapstick



For your bike satchels:

-repair/patch kit

-cord/bungee, rope, etc.


-water filter or iodine

-preserved food, including some kind of comfort food (dried mangoes, pudding cups) to ease depression, especially with young kids who may refuse to eat during traumatic circumstances.

-wild food guide

-wilderness survival guide

-pot, spoon, and good knife

-salt and spices

-mini camp stove and fuel or tin snips for rocket stove

-emergency blanket

-camping gear

-a tarp, for shade or rain relief

-extra shoes/boots and socks

-thermal insulation—long johns and pantyhose

-cash in waterlight container

-appropriate means of self-defense

-radio and two-way radio

-toilet paper (until you can do without)

-maps—at least local counties, topographical is helpful too.