North American Anarchist Conference

The August Collective is organizing the North American Anarchist Conference (NAAC) to take place in Los Angeles on August 11-17. The purpose of the NAAC is to bring together anarchists from all over the continent in order to network, share ideas, and assess the current position of the anarchist movement. The NAAC will also serve as an educational tool to help inform the greater community about anarchism and will attempt to bring many new people and communities into the movement.

The first three days of the NAAC (Aug 11-13) will be the actual conference and the last four days (Aug 14-17) will coincide with the Democratic National Convention. It is envisioned that everyone who attends the NAAC will take part in the massive protests against the Democratic National Convention, as well.

The NAAc will include workshops, speakers, and discussion groups. It will also have films, art displays, and other cultural and artistic elements of the Anarchist movement included in the program. The program for the NAAC is still under construction and input will be gladly accepted.

Please contact the August Collective to learn more about the NAAC and the collective itself. E-mail (and to be added to the mailing list):

August Collective

PO Box 6188

Fullerton, CA 92834