Last Minute Action Notes!

Democratic Convention

A convergence center will be open from August 5-13. The center will be a gathering point and will provide orientation, space for art and puppet making, action trainings, and trainings for legal and medical needs. Food will be available. The Convergence Center needs money and volunteer energy. When you’re in LA, help out and see what they need (food prep help, cleaning, security, etc.) The center’s location will be announced soon.

People working on setting up the LA actions have the following requests and tips: Its better to come with an affinity group already formed. Please get action/civil disobedience/non-violence training before you come to LA if possible.

There will be a different theme every day during the Democratic Convention with a range of actions from legal marches to civil disobedience, etc. They’re as follows:

Monday: Human Needs Not Corporate Greed

Tuesday: An injury to one is an injury to all (Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans, women, environmental racism and environmental justice).

Wednesday: Stop Police Brutality Day/Fight the Prison Industrial Complex/Criminalization of Youth and Elders

Thursday: Global Justice, Immigrant Rights & Stop Militarism

For info, email:

Global Day Against Capitalism

September 26, 2000 will be the next Global Day of Action Against Capitalism! Many groups around the world are preparing for this event. September 22-28 the IMF and the World Bank are holding their 55th annual summit in Prague. People across Europe and around the world will travel to Prague or hold local solidarity actions. The action has been endorsed by a European grassroots meeting and a number of Latin American movements which met in Nicaragua recently. This action follows on the heels of the May 16, June 18, November 30 and May 1 actions.

As before, the day will be organized in a non-hierarchical way, as a decentralized and informal network of grassroots groups that employ non-authoritarian, grassroots democratic forms of organization. Examples of possible actions are: strikes, demos, bike rides, carnivals, reclaim the streets, occupations, etc.

Everyone reading this should consider organizing a demonstration in your local town or city. Contact to see cities already organizing and to ad your own info to the list.

In Berkeley, an action march is planned to start at the Berkeley BART station at 6 p.m. Email: for organizing meeting times.

Those Eugene Anarchists

As we go to press, we are deeply inspired by the determination of our comrades in Eugene, Oregon, more than 60 of whom were arrested over two nights of action June 17-18 in a police crackdown on protests against capitalism and police brutality there. The police fired shotguns at fleeing demonstrators in the streets of Eugene’s downtown. More than 400 demonstrators smashed a police officer puppet with skateboards and potatoes before the police shot them. The veneer of “tolerance” of free speech in Eugene was once again shattered when people actually started speaking. Expect more of this type of repression as the movement for liberation expands and becomes more effective.