A trail of bread crumbs in the forest: radical spaces and infoshops

Compiled by Jesse D. Palmer

Here’s some new radical spaces we found out about right after taking the 2016 Slingshot Organizer to the printing press, plus some mistakes. The contact list we publish is loosely organized, incomplete and idiosyncratic — more like a trail of break crumbs left in the forest than a coherent trail. It may or may not help you find interesting people or projects involving DIY, anarchists, bikes, cooperation, or punk shows in a particular area. These projects aren’t McFranchises — the zines won’t all be the same and a particular space can be amazing on Thursday and shitty on Saturday. Nonetheless, the messy chaos free-thinking people create when they set up public spaces dedicated to alternatives to the sick system is inspirational. Visit these spaces and lend a hand, or start your own. Let Slingshot know if you see mistakes or omissions. We put updates to the list at slingshot.tao.ca.

Bombs Away! – Athens, GA

A collectively run bookstore, music and art venue and DIY/meeting space with a free skool that opened September 1. 295 1/2 E. Broad St. Athens, GA, 30601 facebook.com/ bombsawaybooks

SP CE Commons – Lincoln, NE

A collectively operated storefront that hosts discussion groups, workshops, classes, poetry, performances, potlucks, yoga and meditation. They have a free library and 3 letterpress printing presses. Open Sun 1-4, Mon and Wed 6-9 and when the sign says open. 1239 S. 14th St, Lincoln NE 68502 spzzce@gmail,facebook.com/spZcecommons

Blackjack Bioregional Infoshop – Bend, OR

They have new and used books and host events and an an espresso cart. 735 NW Columbia St. Bend, OR 97701 541-390-0951 blackjackbioregional.com

Solidarity – Houston, TX

A nonhierarchical volunteer-run space with a radical library, computer lab and kids area that hosts meetings and events. They share the space with Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services. “We oppose (and expect those who work with us to oppose) white supremacist capitalist cis-hetero-patriarchy.” 6733 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston TX, 77011 solidarityhouston.org

Infoshop at Atlanta Vintage Books – Atlanta, GA

They have zines and radical books in a corner of this 26 year old independent community bookstore. 3660 Clairmont Road Atlanta, GA 30341 770-457-2919

Kismet Creative Center – St. Louis, MO

A privately owned record store with an art gallery and books that hosts shows and events. They asked to be listed so if someone is in St. Louis and can email us your impressions it would be great. 3409 Iowa, St. Louis, MO 63118 314-696-8177

Barricade Inn – Dublin; Ireland

A new squatted anarchist social centre. 77 Parnell St. Dublin, D1 Ireland, baricadeinn@squ.at, barricadeinn.squ.at

Errors in the 2016 Organizer

• We didn’t list Che Cafe (9500 Gilman Dr. SC B-0323C La Jolla, CA 92093) because they have been fighting eviction from the University of California San Diego and they lost their court case. It wasn’t looking good despite a 24 hour-a-day student occupation since March to keep the police from changing the locks. But after the organizer went to the printing press, they reached a settlement with the UC on some critical issues, so it seems like they’re going to survive! The court eviction is still being appealed so stay tuned.

• Just after we took the organizer to the printing press, we found out that Rock Paper Scissors in Oakland was closing. They were forced out by rising rents from gentrification of the formerly-low income neighborhood they were in — fueled in part by the amazing arts scene RPS founded.

• The Flying Brick Library at 506 S. Pine St., Richmond, VA 23220 wasn’t included in the organizer. They still exist but are open by appointment only. Email them at theflyingbrick@riseup.net.

• Pangea House in Minot, ND no longer has a physical location so the address listed the organizer is wrong.

• The spelling of Centro Autónomo at 3460 W Lawrence Ave. Chicago, IL 60625 is wrong in the organizer.

• Oops we printed an address for Le Seul Problème in Marseille, France but they don’t exist anymore.

• We published the wrong address for Libreria La Valija de Fuego It’s address is Carrera 7, #46-68, Chapinero, Bogotá, Colombia. Tel: 338 1227. librerialavalijadefuego.blogspot.com