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Slingshot is a quarterly, independent, radical, newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988.

OK, so war is on the horizon, or maybe even happening as you read this. This issue is being done before actual bombardment has commenced, and let’s hope that somehow we can keep the US war machine from steamrolling over Iraq and our liberties (not that having the state guarantee anything is worth the paper it is written on). But if not, let’s do our damnedest to stop life as usual from proceeding here in the belly of the beast. Since Slingshot publishes quarterly, some of what is in this issue may not be the most current, given that things are changing rapidly on the global scene. Bear with us.

This issue we celebrated Slingshot’s 15th birthday by having one of the easiest internal processes for putting the paper together ever. Shout outs to the outside authors who turned in good articles on time, as well as to Will who fixed all our technological issues that have been plaguing us for years.

We’re still looking to find someone born on March 9, 1988 (our birthday) who can act as our mascot. If you know anyone like that, please send us their picture and bio-information. Wait, that’s just creepy!

We are always on the lookout for writers, artists, editors, photographers, distributors and independent thinkers to help us put out this paper. If you have such skills and would like to contribute we’d greatly appreciate it. Photos of demos or of cool reworkings of the cultural landscape are especially welcome.

Editorial decisions about Slingshot are made by the collective, but not all articles reflect the opinions of all collective members. We welcome debate, constructive criticism and discussion.

Slingshot New Volunteer Meeting

Volunteers interested in getting involved with Slingshot can see what all the fuss is about on April 6th at 3p.m. at the Long Haul in Berkeley (see below).

Article deadline and Next Issue date

Submit your articles for issue 78 by May 9, 2003. We expect the issue out in mid May.

Volume 1, Number 77 Circulation 12,000

Printed February 13, 2003

Slingshot Newspaper

Sponsored by Long Haul

3124 Shattuck Ave Berkeley Ca 94705

Phone: (510) 540-0751

By the way, we receive many questions as to why we are still only at volume 1, even after 15 years. Please note: We will change to volume 2 AFTER the revolution!

Circulation Information

Slingshot is free in the Bay Area and is available at Long Haul and Bound Together Books (SF), plus lots of other places. Contact us or come by if you want to distribute Slingshot for free in the Bay Area

Subscriptions to Slingshot are $1 (until the state is toppled) per issue (bulk mail pre-paid) or $2 for First Class Mail after the issue comes out. International is $2.50 per issue. Back issues are also available. Amazing national free distribution program: Outside of the Bay Area, we’ll mail a stack of free copies of Slingshot to distributors, infoshops, bookstores and random friendly individuals for FREE in the US if they give ‘em out for free.

If you purchased a 2003 Slingshot organizer via mail order, you’ve been sent this copy for free. Send us $1 for a one year subscription.

Cover and page 1 art by imprisoned artist Kevin (Rashid) Johnson #185492, Wallens Ridge State Prison, PO Box 759, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219.