We completely sold out of the 2003 Organizer in January, the earliest we’ve ever run out. We’ve had to send back orders for hundreds of copies, which is a big bummer. But, we’re already thinking about the 2004 edition, which should be out in September. If you have suggestions, historical dates, radical contacts, or art work, send it to us by the end of June.

One of the most rewarding parts of working on the Organizer is all the amazing letters we’ve received containing orders. People write us poems, send CDs of their favorite bands, include stickers, glitter, photographs of their dogs and roommates and other things too strange to discuss publicly. We got a banana flavored condom, and a glow in the dark one. (In case you can’t find it in the dark?) This year someone sent us what appeared to be homemade lollipops cast into the shape of skulls. We were too afraid it was poisoned to eat it; although the possibility that it contains some excellent hallucinogen we’ve never tried might overcome our fear, if we get bored some evening. People sent so many envelopes full of glitter this year that the area around our computer is impossible to clean. Thanks to all of you for your creativity and passion — it helps us to keep going.