Core Infoshop Opens in Florida

The Center Of Radical Empowerment (CORE) infoshop opened in St. Petersburg, Florida May 1. Its mission is to empower individuals to challenge oppressive social structures and build a sustainable community based on self-determination, mutual aid, voluntary cooperation, and respect for all life. The infoshop provides:

  • Progressive lending library.
  • Workshops, study groups, and speakers.
  • Accessible artistic and cultural events.
  • Meeting space and resources for grassroots community organizing.
  • Independent Media Center.
  • Radical literature and music distribution.

      Please send a subscription to your magazine or zine for the lending library and donate: books, pamphlets, videos, T-shirts, stickers, posters, buttons, postcards, books, pamphlets, etc. Send ’em to: 1615 16th St. S. St. Petersburg, Fl 33705, 727 821 CORE,