Requests for Support

A new section with short listings of requests for support. Send items to our address on page 2 for next issue.

Bay Area Action Medics

Interested in performing first-aid at actions and protests? Want protest-specific medical training? Forming Medic affinity, and training group. Contact us at:, or

Behind the Wire

I am currently in the process of writing a book entitled Behind the Wire which is an activist oriented work aimed at the prison crisis that grips society. I am seeking any statistics or related information concerning our criminal justice system. Please submit any personal type of experience that you have had with the “justice” system, relevant media articles, titles of books with good info, etc. Deadline is August 31, 2001. Write: James Meier #634089, 3060 F.M. 3514, Beaumont, TX 77705.

Warchest Subsistence Program

Please contribute money to the Anarchist Black Cross’ Warchest Subsistence Program which provides assistance to political prisoners and prisoners of war. The Kent, OH ABC is also raising money for the Russell Maroon Shoats postage fund. Russell is a New Afrikan POW. Send $ to Kent ABC, PO Box 942, Kent, OH 44240.