Activist Repression

Santa Cruz 2 Sentenced

Environmental activists Matt Whyte and Peter Schnell were sentenced January 28, 2002 at the close of a year-long trial. Arrested in January of 2001 in Capitola, CA (near Santa Cruz) in possession of components for incendiary devices, Matt and Petey accepted a plea bargain in federal court in October 2001, pleading guilty to one of two federal charges. Matt received X months and Petey.

To reach them, or for more information on how you can help, email or write: Santa Cruz Two Defense, PO Box 583, Eugene, OR 97440

Animal Rights Acivist Within Claws of State

Seattle animal rights activist Jonathan Batchelor has become yet another target for activist repression. While dumpster diving in Seattle in late November 2001, Jon was stopped by police and then arrested on two Virginia felony warrants for actions that allegedly took place during the Animal Rights 2001 conference in Fairfax, VA. He was extradited to Virginia in early January and is now being held without bail awaiting a trial March 6, 2002. He is desperately trying to raise legal fees and needs support. You can send contributions and support via

Jonathan Batchelor

Seattle Mutual Aid Fund

PO Box 95616

Seattle, WA 98145-2616